Lucid Dream 3 Layers Deep + Epic/Not So Epic Fight

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Lucid Dream 3 Layers Deep + Epic/Not So Epic Fight

Postby Xtreme_Walrus » 07 Jun 2015 04:47

This was a pretty awesome, long, dream I had where I way in 3 different "levels" of a dream. This story includes Sylar, a fictional character from the TV series Heroes, which I am addicted to.

(1st Level)
I'm in a convenient store with my brother trying to pick out a snack. I walked around for a while, wondering if I should get. I was debating over whether I should get gum or brownies, until I decided on ice cream. I went over to the freezer and found the ice cream I wanted, however, some person jumped in front of me and took the ice cream. I was a little surprised by that, but continued looking for the same ice cream. I finally saw it, sitting very deep in the freezer. I opened up the freezer door and reached in. I then fell in and the door slammed and locked behind me.

(2nd Level)
After this happened I understood that I was trapped in a dream world with Sylar, the extremely powerful antagonist of the TV show, Heroes. It was very snowy and cold (I am assuming this is because I came in through a freezer). Although I knew I was in a dream world, there wasn't any awareness at this point, so I don't believe I was lucid at this point. I was in my backyard with Sylar and he was armed with a box cutter (apparently super powers aren't enough). He was stabbing at me trying to cut me and then said in one way or another that this is a dream, so we can't feel pain. We then continued to fight for some reason even though it was pointless. Somehow I returned back to the convenient store. I plotted with my brother on how to beat Sylar. I told him to hold open the freezer door while I went back in. However, my brother couldn't hold the door and we both got trapped in the "dream world". Sylar still wanted to fight but I escaped through a side portion of my back yard.

(3rd Level)
I was now in the front of my house walking down the street and it was night time. I became lucid when I looked at my hands and noticed that my ring finger on my right hand jumped out of place. Even though I was lucid, I didn't realize that the previous happenings were actually a dream as well. My first thought was, "Sylar tricked me! I've got to wake up (return to the Sylar dream world. It's confusing, I know), so that I can continue fighting him." However, I continued walking down the street, just observing everything. I looked at a license plate, remembering that reading things in dreams is very difficult. The plate started with "78a1" but then got impossible to read. I noticed a shadowy figure at the end of the street and then randomly returned to the previous dream world, where I lost my lucidity.

Sylar and I began fighting again, but we were just punching and tackling each other. I got some help from my brother, but Sylar was still winning. We continued fighting as we walked through my house, where I picked up a box cutter of my own (apparently box cutters are the sole weapons in my dreams). We went into the front yard, where it was a lot brighter and sunnier than the dark snowy backyard. My grandfather then came out of my neighbors garage with a shotgun and another character from Heroes, Hiro Nakamura (one of the protagonists), came out with a sword and began helping me. Knowing he was outnumbered, Sylar fled.

I then went into my house through the garage, which held a large truck. Somehow I knew that I was in an alternate universe where my name was "Ferrari" (Lol,what?!). I now had four dogs, instead of the one that I have in real life. My dad thought it was me, but I told him that I wasn't me (Skyler), and I was actually Ferrari. He was really confused. My dream then went to a different scene where Sylar wasn't bad anymore, and I then understood that he was just acting the entire time. I then woke up.
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