Lucid dream sex

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Lucid dream sex

Postby berggg » 07 Jun 2015 18:48

Having lucid dream sex is not easy for most people. That is my experience, and my impression is that most lucid dreamers experience the same. The problem I think is that you feel you're in a hurry (you might wake up any moment) and also it's just a dream, so you skip unnecessary conversation, you skip the whole "game", and almost try to "rape" the ones you want to have sex with. Or maybe you just ask them right away.

If you ever tried to do it this way in real life you would not expect any cooperation from your "partner". An herein lies the problem. Your subconsciousnes does not expekt you to succeed doing it this way.

BUT. Does the same apply if you're a woman? It's normally very easy for woman to have sex with a guy. You just ask, and you normally should get a very positive response. And women (and their subconsciounes) knows that. For men it's not by far that easy.

My theory therefore is that it should be relatively easy for women to have lucid dream sex, as opposed to men. Am i right?

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Re: Lucid dream sex

Postby xI GENGAR Ix » 07 Jun 2015 21:32

Iv had sex quiet alot of times in a LD and due to a little experience i can say that dream characters are easy people.....i dont say anything i just get who i want *prefferably the prettiest DC* then go streight into doing the deed.As u could probs tell im a guy and yeah to conclude....dream characters will very rarely fight you off and true i never bother with conversation and yeah i know that if it gets too intense u will probs wake up

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Re: Lucid dream sex

Postby deric23 » 14 Jun 2015 16:36

I don't really know about that but what puzzles me is that with all the emotion going on during sex how do you stay lucid? Some people apparently do but for me the slightest encounter that starts to go sexual will make me wake right up. As they say to maintain lucidity you have to moderate your emotions.

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