List of Lucid Dream Problems

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List of Lucid Dream Problems

Postby astrovineyard » 08 Jun 2015 18:46

Hello again - just reaching out to the community to see if anyone has experienced any of these things or has any suggestions on how to avoid these problems (other than giving up or quitting).

I have been TRYING to have lucid dreams on and off for many years, with very little success. When I try to do this, the following things have happened as a result:

1. Failure to LD, by simply falling asleep and forgetting to have an LD or do reality checks. They just never happen, either by accident or intentionally.

2. Certain techniques (to overcome the issue in #1) also fail, but most often produce the undesirable effect of keeping me awake for one or more hours, sometimes giving me insomnia for many nights. Seems my mind gets TOO focused and expecting of an LD that it gets hyper-vigilant and can't be easily shut down, without use of sleep aids and abandoning LD attempts. How do you fall asleep quickly and easily (like my wife, in 10 seconds sometimes!), avoiding insomnia, but still retain awareness fro an LD, without it causing me the anxiety?

3. Rarely I will find myself potentially on the brink of a lucid dream when I start to experience sleep paralysis (which I used to get long ago). I know it can be used as a portal fro LD, but when I get it my mind goes into reflex/instinct mode and automatically jolts me awake. Somehow there is enough residual dread from my childhood memories of SP that the feeling of paralysis and suffocation is too much to bear, a severe claustrophobic fear that I'll be stuck like that forever, trapped, and in danger, helpless to escape, so I panic and am zapped awake by pure will. A talent I'm sure many SP sufferers would like to have, but in my case I can't turn off this SP fail-safe mode even long enough to reconsider what might await if I don't struggle.

So, any similar experiences or suggestions? I've tried many things, reality checks while awake, meditation, laying on back, WILD, WBTB, and also some supplements like Galantamine. And, because of the insomnia, I've had to take a bunch of stuff to fix THAT.


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Re: List of Lucid Dream Problems

Postby Jacob46719 » 09 Jun 2015 07:07

I probly won't be much help for this, but here goes.

Keep trying something different (changing after intervals) until you find something that works, even if it's a slight change.
Don't give up on your dreams! Keep sleeping...

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Re: List of Lucid Dream Problems

Postby astrovineyard » 09 Jun 2015 17:03

That's ultimately what I do. But there is this lag time when insomnia happens as a result and my immediate focus is on recovering from that, which always takes a few days.

Right now I am not consciously attempting to do anything mentally to trigger an LD, because that is a guaranteed recipe for staying awake. So instead I am relying on trying a mixture of sleep aids and dream enhancement supplements, including (for sleep): warm milk or some dairy before bed, or a banana, chamomile tea (from my own garden!), melatonin (most nights) and ZzzQuill. I only tried Valerian once and it kept me up all night with a caffeine-like buzz, which is the complete opposite effect it is supposed to have, and I haven't been brave enough to try again, though I might since it was not cheap! For enhanced or vivid dreams I usually add Vitamin B6, 5-HTP for so-called "REM rebound," Choline, and once every couple weeks Galantamine.

Even with all of that my sleep is not as deep or long as it used to be - it either takes me an hour to fall asleep (while my wife is out in 10 seconds) or I wake up a couple hours before I need to - and my dreams not as vivid or epic (when I did nothing special!). Occasionally I have an unusual quasi-lucid dream or a taste of sleep paralysis, but nothing with total control or that lasts very long before I instinctively come out of it.

That is interesting: I have a quick and strong enough will to wake myself up as soon as a nightmare or paralysis is detected (even if I wish I could take a moment to reconsider), but lack the same discipline and awareness during dreams that could or should be lucid? It also seems my mental vigilance is what keeps me awake so much, so how on earth do you turn down that mental activity and awareness so you can fall asleep and STAY asleep, fully invested in a dream you can't turn off like a switch, but also maintain enough awareness to stay "awake" while falling asleep and having a LD?

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