Hey Everyone!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hey Everyone!

Postby OrangeCrush » 09 Jun 2015 17:00

I am new here so I figured I would pop in and put up an introduction post. My name is Michael and I am a 43 years old. I was born in Metro Detroit and have been lucid dreaming since I was roughly 13 years old, but I have never taken it very seriously. By that I mean I have never attempted to learn any lucid dreaming skills. I simply took the lucid dreams as they came. A couple months back, I finally decided that I really wanted to learn how to harness my lucid dreaming skills, basically learn how to lucid dream when I want. I purchased a couple books and have been practicing on a pretty regular basis. So far, I think I am coming along pretty well.

My most common lucid dream has always been flying. I have one flying dream in particular at least a couple times a year. The dream always starts in the same place, with me out on my back porch late at night, like I am sneaking out of the house. It appears to be during the summer months as the trees are always in full bloom. I immediately realize I am dreaming and I walk onto this grass opening which separates the units in my court from the units in the next court over (I live in a co-op) and I leap up into the sky like Superman. It truly is exhilarating. Its always partly cloudy as flying through the clouds is always one of the more memorable aspects of this dream.

The one thing that has always mesmerized me about this particular lucid dream is just how accurate my mind is able to recreate the city I live in (Farmington Hills, MI) from the sky. When I am up in the air flying, everything is exactly as it should be on the ground. I live right on a main mile road, 9 mile, and an expressway runs right along side it and has an exit right at the 9 mile and Farmington road crossroad, which is basically 1 mile down 9 mile from my house. The roads, the buildings, the 7-Eleven on the corner, the gas stations, the car wash half way down 9 mile, its all there. Everything is exactly as it should be. It just really blows my mind that my mind is capable of recreating the city so accurately and in such detail in a dream.

As for myself, I am a professional photographer (mainly shoot architecture) and have my B.F.A. and M.F.A. with my focus in photography. While I mainly shoot architecture for my commercial work, I love shooting just about anything for my personal work. Landscapes and tree's are two of my favorite subjects, but there really isn't anything I don't enjoy shooting pictures of. The only rule I made when I decided to go into photography was that I would never shoot weddings!! I have been in business for just over 15 years and at this point, I just couldn't imagine doing anything else for a living. I am definitely old school as I mainly shoot large format (4x5) and still use film 95% of the time, mainly due to printing in the darkroom. While digital is fast and nice, working on a computer just pales in comparison to working in a real darkroom. Printing in a darkroom is my single favorite aspect of photography so I don't think I will ever switch over to digital, except for family outings. Being a photographer, my family ALWAYS expects me to shoot pictures during holidays/family gatherings. It sucks big time and digital has made it just a million times easier.

I am an outdoors nut. I love backpacking, camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, mountain biking, hang gliding, scuba diving, etc. If you do it outside, I am all for it. Some of my other interests include meteorology, storm chasing, amateur astronomy, astrophotography, optics, Bonsai trees, crafting wire trees, reading, playing darts, going to the show (movies), surfing the internet, and the occasional video game here and there. Have been an avid gamer since my childhood and I love pinball. I am also an avid collector. I have more collecting hobbies than I care to admit. Just to name a few, I collect antique/vintage camera's and lenses, limited edition prints/lithographs, golden age and silver age comics, original comic art, any comic art from Michael Turner, art books, replica weapons (mostly sci-fi), vintage Belstaff and Barbour jackets, vintage Orange Crush memorabilia, etc.

Probably more information than people wanted to know, lol. To sum this all up I am basically an avid outdoors nut that loves collecting and shooting pictures. I look forward to meeting new people on this forum that have an interest in lucid dreaming.

So without further delay, Hello everyone!! I am really happy to have found this forum!!


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