First Lucid Dream!

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First Lucid Dream!

Postby Fira » 10 Jun 2015 04:32

So! I had my first ever lucid dream early this morning. It was very short and my lucidity was definitely low-level. Before I became lucid, I was dreaming that my uncle was being chased by some sort of monster. He was running down some stairs into a basement/garage and twisted his back wrong and really hurt it.

Then suddenly my uncle was gone from the dream and I was there instead. And I was standing in the hallway above the stairs leading to the basement. I was face-to-face with the monster who had been chasing my uncle. It looked human from the neck down, though I couldn't see any of its skin because it was wearing: a black turtleneck, a black trench coat, black pants, black combat boots, and black leather gloves. (Quite the color palette, right? XD) If any of you have seen the Matrix, it was basically wearing their standard bad-ass clothing.

BUT. It's head was TOTALLY not human, and the only part of its body I could actually see without covering. It had a human-shaped head, but absolutely no facial features. No mouth, eyes, ears, nose, chin. No hair. No nothing. AND it's entire head was GLOWING NEON BLUE.

I was not afraid of it. (I have never had "nightmares." For some reason even when scary stuff happens to me in dreams, I'm always really blasé/uncaring about it. More interested in wtf is happening and why, versus being scared of it. Which is odd because in real life, I can't even watch mildly scary movies cos then I can't sleep.)

Anyways. I wasn't scared of it. I kinda just looked at it, and was annoyed cos it had been chasing my uncle, so I straight-up punched it in the... well, I can't face because it didn't have one, but I punched it in the head. It gave a little when I punched it like I was punching something made of rubber, and it didn't hurt. And then creature like instantly "died". (I knew it was dead because dream-logic was just telling me it was dead). And when it fell to the ground after I punched it, it rag-dolled hilariously. (If any of you have ever played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and used hand-to-hand combat, and watched something rag-doll hilariously after it dies, that's what I'm talking about.) It fell and its limbs like sprawled out and it was really funny.

And then suddenly my brain super-imposed an image of like... an exam question over my vision, just without the paper the question would be on. Like, I could still see my surroundings, but covering part of my vision was this question, asking me about what had just happened. It said something like: "Did it [the creature] have black eyes? And if they weren't black, what color were they?"

I was going to say, "No, they weren't black because it didn't even HAVE eyes," and by the time I got to the "No, they weren't black," I immediately went, "Oh, I'm dreaming." Simple as that.

Again, my lucidity was on the lower end of the scale, as was my thought process during the time. Nothing about the world became super clear, and I didn't even think to ground myself in the dream because I was so barely-lucid. But I did think, "If this is a dream, then I want to go outside, sprout wings, and fly." I took about three steps toward the door leading outside, and then I woke up.

IT WAS AWESOME. I will say that I at least did not freak out the second I became lucid. It was actually kind of funny afterwards how calm I was when I realized I was dreaming. Like, I kind of just shrugged and said, "Oh, I'm dreaming." Like, "meh." Like, I was happy about it but I was SUPER chill. Which might have been because I was BARELY lucid, or didn't have enough time to really get excited about it before I woke up.

But yeah. That was my first experience with lucid dreaming.

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