lucid dream herbs advice

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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lucid dream herbs advice

Postby star » 15 Jun 2015 05:50

as we have a big list of many lucid dream herbs ,how one know which one to choose ?
I guess its not either all or non "


Artemisia absinthium Wormwood
Artemisia vulgaris Mugwort
Calea zacatechichi Dream Herb
Celastrus paniculatus Celastrus Seed
Cympobogon densiflorus Lemongrass
Cyperus articulatus Piri Piri
Entada rheedii African Dream Herb
Helichrysum odoratissmum Imphepho
Hemidesmus indicus Sugandi Root
Humulus lupulus Hops
Kaempferia galanga Galangal Root
Lactuca virosa Wild Lettuce
Matricaria recutita Chamomile
Ocimum sanctum Holy Basil Seed
Passiflora incarnata Passion Flower
Pogostemon cablin Patchouli Leaves
Silene capensis African Dream Root
Synaptolepis kirkii Uvuma-omhlope
Tagetes lucida Mexican Tarragon
Turnera diffusa Damiana
Valeriana officinalis Valerian Root
Verbena officinalis Vervain
Withania somnifera Ashwagandha

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Re: lucid dream herbs advice

Postby AMWeis » 26 Aug 2015 18:51

Hey there,

Great list! There's is plenty more to add. I've done some research on the subject of Dream Herbs and found a ton more. Do you mind if I make a new list and add to what you've created?
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Re: lucid dream herbs advice

Postby Summerlander » 10 Sep 2015 00:15

Galantamine is effective but don't rely solely on substances. Work on your technique. 8-)

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Oliver Little
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Re: lucid dream herbs advice

Postby Oliver Little » 23 Sep 2015 12:44

I've tried Calea Z and galantine, they both worked a treat.

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Re: lucid dream herbs advice

Postby lucidity4life » 23 Apr 2016 19:34

if anyone has some more please list. from my experience damiana works great too. i like to mix ginkgo and damiana it seems to be very effective.

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