What Techniques Should I try?

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What Techniques Should I try?

Postby Steelersfan101 » 15 Jun 2015 15:02

Hello everyone, I have been trying to LD for about 2 months with no success. I was wondering what you guys thought were the most efficient ways to LD were. I have tried the WBTB technique, the relaxation technique, and the FILD method. I have kept a dream journal but stopped recently, should I continue again? Please share your techniques!

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Re: What Techniques Should I try?

Postby deschainXIX » 24 Jun 2015 06:21

Of course, the chemistry of everyone's mind is different, but for me keeping a dream journal is an absolute necessity. I would advise the same for you. Write down everything in the morning, even the most abstract sensations or ideas or shapes or colors. Get plenty of sleep, do Wake Back to Bed into Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming every night, as well as reality checking through the day to induce Dream Induced Lucid Dreams. Also, mnemonically employ mantras throughout the day and as you are falling asleep. Get plenty of exercise, and meditate at least ten minutes every day. Oh, and no caffeine an hour before bed, except for maybe green tea.

If you do all of these things dutifully, I guarantee you manifold lucid dreams of paramount intensity, or your money back. :mrgreen:
Well said.

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