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Postby AshleyRyan » 16 Jun 2015 19:11

Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley. I have been lucid dreaming for about 8 years now and would consider myself as having intermediate lucid dreaming skills. The reason I joined this forum is to learn more about other people's experiences with LD and how it has shaped lives. I am interested in learning how to stay in the lucid dream longer and gain more control over the conscious parts of my dream.
I love seeing my subconscious come to life in my lucid dreams and I consider myself an AMAZING artist which would never transfer to my waking life. A few of my LD's have been profound and shaped my beliefs in waking reality, while others have been just pure fun. I have only ever had one WILD (wake induced lucid dreaming) while all the rest have been DILD. The WILD was my very fist LD and was one of the most amazing experiences in my life.
When I first started lucid dreaming my main goals were to fly and have sex because the sensory stimulation from these experiences was euphoric to say the least. Now my goals are to learn more about my subconscious and experience feelings of peace and happiness in my dreams.
A little about my personal life: I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Communication Disorders and I'm currently in a graduate program for obtaining my Masters Degree Speech-Language Pathology. Sometimes I wish I had gone for a Degree in Sleep Medicine ;).

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Hi!

Postby Summerlander » 16 Jun 2015 21:28

Hi, Ashley! Welcome to Rebecca Turner's wonderful and amazing site, a baronial lair to the best lucid dreamers in the world! 8-)

If you deem yourself to be at an intermediate level, you already strike me as a fellow oneironaut who has already acquired a fairly good degree of confidence. You think about lucid dreams during the day; you have the occasional DILD when you're not even planning; and you know more or less what to do in order to induce a WILD but need more practice here.

Your brief lucid episodes are more numerous than those dazzling lucid dreams that inspire awe, adventure and last longer -- the ones you wish you had more often. Hmmm... The memorable ones from which you wake feeling exhilarated and at times you could swear you hear your brain buzzing! Does this sound like you? I recently authored a topic here which might be useful for lucid dreamers of all levels and initially endorse it to you in this greeting:


I think you have a lot to offer and might even be able to help some of us with your understanding of psychology! :-D

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