Lucid Dream number 16

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Lucid Dream number 16

Postby Je-Je » 23 Jun 2015 09:46

No color: normal dream
Blue purple: lucid dream

We were in the neighbourhood and I started climbing up on the roof of the house, my friends follow me, I jump on another roof of a house so they do also. At that moment I realize I was dreaming. So I fly up in the sky and watch them down on the roof of the house. I was making circle around the house and all the house which was next it disappear.
Now I was in my bedroom, my door was close. I was infront my door, I was trying to fly: I jump but didn't work, I put my 2 hand like superman but doesn't fly. I said maybe I need high, so I climb on my bed and jump but didn't work. So I said maybe if I jump backward without seeing the floor, it will work. So I jump backward and keep falling like skydiving(I could hear the wind blowing while I was falling) and I could see my bed getting far away up.
I was still in my bedroom, I decided to get out by passing through the window. I jump on the roof of the cabin. The roof of the cabin was made of metal and when I walk on it we could hear the noise of the metal. Then I got on the wall, I try to fly by jumping but didn't work, I said to myself: ''how the fu..k I'm conscious about dreaming but can't even fly'', then I said ''I need some high, I must go on the roof of my house''. I get back in my room by the window. My door was still close, I decided to pass through the door and it work. I was now in a corridor, there was sofa on both side. I sit down on a sofa, and in front of me, there was a man with a helmed on, siting on the sofa. I started to scream and talk shit and then I said to myself: ''if the man is an intelligent character, he must said WTF am I talking about''. But I said '' Fuck it, it's my dream, I do whatever I want''

I always have problem with flying in my lucid dreams :evil:.
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