Suggestions for using Galantamine/other lucid aids

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Suggestions for using Galantamine/other lucid aids

Postby eternaldreamer » 25 Jun 2015 21:49

Hi all

I'm posting in the hopes that someone could offer me advice on what I'm doing wrong (or just not doing right, lol). As a bit of background: I've had lucid dreams very infrequently since I was young, maybe once a year. However, the 'taste' of the power of lucid dreaming has made it a definite goal of mine to be able to lucid dream regularly. Unfortunately, I'm a light sleeper, which means I have had trouble getting into a sleep routine where I actually, ya know, sleep all night, and secondly I have a very fast metabolism, which leads me to my reason for posting:

A week or so ago I decided to try Galantamine. I've already been dream journaling and trying to train myself to do reality checks. Besides that, I wasn't sure what else I could do, and in my research I discovered Galantamine. This past Friday it arrived, and I tried a single 4mg pill that night. I usually go to sleep at 12, so I set the alarm for 4:30. Unfortunately, I awoke to go to the bathroom at about 3 and, being half-asleep, assumed I'd awoken from the alarm and took the pill. Despite being an hour and a half early and despite then being woken up again 1.5hrs later by the alarm, lol, I had the most dreams and remembered all of them in who knows how long. I had at least 6 dreams that I can remember vividly, although in none of them did I become lucid.

Going off the advice I've seen posted in random places, I skipped taking any the following (Saturday night), and took some Sunday. This time I set the alarm for 3:30 instead, since that was about when I'd woken and taken the one the first time.
To my disappointment I not only didn't have any lucid dreams, but neither did I have any dreams at all that I could remember upon waking. Everything else was the same.

I took another break for two nights and tried 2 pills last night. This time I had 2 vivid dreams that I could remember in the morning, but again, no lucidity.

Any suggestions?
What am I doing wrong? Or am I missing something key?

If you need any more info or have questions, just shoot :)

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Re: Suggestions for using Galantamine/other lucid aids

Postby TechHeadSteve » 06 Jul 2015 19:44

Interesting, do you mind telling me where you got your Galantamine from as I'm a bit thick with this kind of stuff.
Until recently I've had excellent dream recall but after my last lucid dream, around 6 weeks ago my dream recall has been wiped :-(

I know I dream as snippets do come back but I guess what we need is something to help with the recall? Frustrating isn't it!
Peace & Love

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