Reality checks aren't really working...

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Reality checks aren't really working...

Postby JogDog » 25 Jun 2015 22:06

So last night, I had a dream where there was a spider on my wall. I looked away to get a jar to catch it in, and when I looked back, the spider was completely different. I remember thinking, "Something is definitely off. If I didn't know better, I'd say I was dreaming! Well, I might as well do a reality check." and then I did. I studied the palms of my hands, aren't they supposed to be blurry in dreams? Because I remember seeing every detail clear as day. Then I tried to push my fingers through the palm of my hand, really expecting it to work, and that didn't work either.
I've done reality checks in dreams four times now, and it has never worked. I've asked before and was told to do a different reality check, but that didn't really change anything... I guess at least I've taught my mind to pay attention to details, but it would really help if reality checks worked. Any advice?

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Re: Reality checks aren't really working...

Postby Je-Je » 26 Jun 2015 14:37

You know, reality check is not the only way to become lucid in a dream. I become lucid in my dream without reality check. I think that you must get in a state of ''lucid dreaming'', but I know it's hard to get that kind of state if you never experiment any lucid dream in your life.

Lucid dreaming is just a new kind of mind state(for beginner). I will suggest you to try some meditation, or try visualization.
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