False Awakenings

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False Awakenings

Postby idg18 » 28 Jun 2015 02:17

First off, I would like to thank Rebecca for this resource. I am a new lucid dreamer and am slowly learning the different things that come along with it.

Not too long ago I had a lucid dream, not my first time, so I was delighted to realize I was in a dream. Usually in the past, I would realize I was in a dream and would wake up almost instantly which was very disappointing. This time, though, I used a few techniques and was able to remain dreaming. I was in full control of the dream and it was a peaceful one, but I decided to wake myself up. I "woke up" in my bed and got up to go to the bathroom but quickly realized that I was not in my own house. Before panicking I realized that I had still been dreaming, so I decided to wake myself up again. I then "woke up" in my bed and it was daytime, but there were random strangers in my room and again I realized I was in a dream and tried to wake up. This pattern continued again and again for what seemed to be a half hour. Each false awakening became more and more intricate and horrifying. I finally woke up for real and had a panic attack in my room from my confusion with reality and fear of falling back into that pattern. It wasn't until I read your article on False Awakenings that I realized this is sometimes a side effect of lucid dreaming. Thanks to your article, and hopefully this forum, I can begin learning more about lucid dreaming and ease my worries on having that experience again.

If anyone could give me some tips on how to better control when i want to either stay in the lucid dream or wake up, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have had a similar experience and would like to share it i would love that too!

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Re: False Awakenings

Postby berggg » 01 Jul 2015 13:18

I can understand that this was a frightening experience as it was not expected. I think one just has to bear in mind that you'll always wake up eventually, be prepeared for this to happen and appreciate every minute you can stay dreaming (and hopefully lucid).

I've had a lucid dream that started as a false awakening, where my "problem" was the opposite. I woke up several times lying in my bed and awake (as far as i knew), but wanted to continue the dream. I managed three times to return to the same lucid dream by laying totally still, not moving at all, and just fall asleep to the same lucid dream. Every time i fell asleep again I had to realize again that I was dreaming, but it happened pretty fast every time, probably because I returned to the same dream, a familiar dream.

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