Are your lucid dreams tiring?

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Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Not at all - they make me feel alive.
Yeah somewhat / sometimes - mostly physically.
Yeah somewhat / sometimes - mostly mentally.
Absolutely - it's like I've barely slept.
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Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Rebecca » 29 Jun 2015 04:14

I get this question a lot from beginners.

My personal answer is hell no, it's an adrenaline buzz. I feel on top of the world after a lucid dream.

But what about you? Do you wake up feeling physically or mentally drained? Let's take a poll.

It's worth noting below if you're a "perma-lucid dreamer" - someone who is fully lucid in all their dreams. There's something special going on there, and I'd like to learn more about it.
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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Summerlander » 29 Jun 2015 16:13

I usually wake up invigorated from them and can often feel (and sometimes think I hear) my brain buzzing. They really make me happy! Even if the lucid dream has been long-lived and lucidity has been quite strong, I never wake up tired from such state. But if there are lucid dreamers who wake up tired, I would certainly like to know why.

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Indoril Nerevar
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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Indoril Nerevar » 30 Jun 2015 03:12

I would say that as far as I know, the non-lucid ones do at some degree tire me for some reason. Idk though, I just wake up feeling really tired after the dream. If it helps, I do get them more frequently if I pass out while meditating after some five minutes or so and that I do this after four hours of sleep.

The lucid ones do not really tire me because it's like that feeling of being awake for too long when you have purposely skipped a whole night's sleep because you don't really feel sleepy and are awake for two days in a row and as a result you might go to sleep a few hours early the next day, like doing too much work with your brain in one waking conscious reality time kind of thing...
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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby blaxroze » 29 Dec 2015 04:54

I found out this forum when I search about what is the meaning of my dream.
I dont know about this before, but I am tired after dreaming.
The description is a little bit more like my dream. But when you said that it is not tiring, I think mine is not lucid.
When I dream, I am more powerful, I can think, I can recognized people face and remember them, I can stop or just continue my dream, even after I startled and wake up 3 times, I accidentally have the same dream 3-4 times with 1 year different and the dream is continuing. I can communicate with the poeple in my dream too.
Maybe I dream like this since I was 12 yo, I dont remember, because I think its normal. But every day and every year, It became more clear and more intense. Sometimes when I walk pass a place, I confused, Its like I ever experience this. the same place, the same position, the same people and the same time. like a dejavu.
When I told my friend, the said that they dont dream like me. They never remember the face or the people.
Is it weird?
Sorry for my bad english.

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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Je-Je » 30 Dec 2015 11:09

Of cause not. When I wake up after a lucid dream, I'm so happy and so full of energy. It is like a +1 lucid dream.
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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Prince Demitri » 30 Dec 2015 21:07

Rebecca wrote:It's worth noting below if you're a "perma-lucid dreamer" - someone who is fully lucid in all their dreams. There's something special going on there, and I'd like to learn more about it.

Not sure whether or not I count as a "perma-lucid dreamer", but I've been an oneironaut for about 28 years and average somewhere between 16 and 30 lucid dreams each month.

Whether or not I become lucid in my dreams is ~90% whether or not I want to become lucid, and ~10% how sleep deprived I might be. If I'm so tired that I pass out right when my head meets my pillow, then I'm not likely to become lucid during my dreams that night.

Sometimes, I'll become lucid during dreams when I don't specifically want to be lucid, and it's easy enough to turn the lucidity off if that happens. Tho normally, if I don't want to become lucid but do anyway I'll just ride it out and enjoy it, not caring about holding onto the lucidity.

So I don't know if I classify as a "perma-lucid dreamer", but I've only ever met a couple dozen others over the years that lucid dream as often as I do, so perhaps I am... ?

If there's anything you (or anyone else) would like to know, please feel free to ask; either here, or in an email to me if you want it to be more private. 8-)

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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby gohms12 » 01 Jan 2017 18:35

I first found out what my activity in my dreams were in high school psychology class and ever since have researched the topic. I have been lucid dreaming literally every night since I was 17 years old. Through my research I have found that that age is a little later than most, but still fits the norm. I wake up every morning feeling so tired and worn out and couldn't figure out why until I started researching perma-lucid dreaming. Only a few fit this category and I happen to be one. I really want to know more about why I feel so tired and why I lucid dream every night. I go to sleep wanting to feel rested, but no matter the way I fall asleep, I have dreams where I can control everything I do and feel awake throughout the night, only time goes a lot faster. If there were opportunities for testing and observations I would be more than willing to do them because I want to know if I will ever feel fully rested again!

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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Pilgrim » 02 Jan 2017 02:54

You might be emotionally drained. You might need a sleep study to diagnose whether you have uninterrupted sleep and normal cycles. A sleep study will determine/rule out any problems other than emotional.

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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Lucid_Emo » 04 Jan 2017 00:08

Nope, they've never been tiring. I find hat kind of strange, since your mind is conscious in your sleep. Wouldn't that deprive you of unconscious sleep?

My lucid dreams are actually the opposite of tiring. I have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings but it's actually easier after I lucid dreamed, probably because I feel as if I've been awake for a long time.
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Re: Are your lucid dreams tiring?

Postby Sean Jacobs » 04 Jan 2017 17:26

The LD itself makes me feel amazingly energized. However, sometimes I just can't fall back to sleep after I have the LD and get up to write my notes. So depending on when I wake up from the dream, I may end up tired later that morning. But it is worth it. :-)
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