'I WANT A WILD!' Here's my problem. What do i do?

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Indoril Nerevar
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'I WANT A WILD!' Here's my problem. What do i do?

Postby Indoril Nerevar » 30 Jun 2015 03:57

WILD- The pinnacle of a lucid dream experience

I am having trouble getting to that point where you almost fall to sleep like on the very tiptoed edge of the cliff. I lose consciousness way before that. I don't even get SP. I have tried combining it with WBTB but the same thing happens. I have meditated for it and I get that tingly sensation all over my body but I can't get past that. What should I do?
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Re: 'I WANT A WILD!' Here's my problem. What do i do?

Postby Jacob46719 » 15 Jul 2015 06:55

Go for complete awareness. Try going to sleep while being aware of everything you see, and maybe every real sound around you.
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Re: 'I WANT A WILD!' Here's my problem. What do i do?

Postby Summerlander » 15 Jul 2015 09:53


Study the Agorithm of Action upon Awakenings

Look at this diagram which is from Michael Raduga's The Phase - A Practical Guidebook. Study it. Employ the techniques, be persistent, patient, and calm. 'The phase' is where everything happens, where you enter the lucid dream world. That is your aim, where you need to focus on - not sleep paralysis! You want to reach the phase state regardless of whether you experience SP or not. And make sure you do it in the morning after a good night's sleep (at least 6 hours).

Examples of techniques for the algorithm:

Listening in; observing images; phantom wiggling.
Spend about 5 seconds on each. Cycle through them. Any strange sensation (images/sounds/vibrations) that arises needs to be amplified before you employ a 'separation' method or lucidly enter the dream world in a direct manner.

Quickest route:

The quickest route, if you look at the diagram, is: Awakening > separation attempt > the phase state. It can be this simple. Ideally, you don't want to faff with techniques. The dream-exit initiated lucid dream (DEILD) method employs the same principle. Separating from the sleeping body stencil (out-of-body experience or OOBE) often goes with this. I find it to be the most effective. 8-)

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