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Silene Capensis | Prophetic Dreams?

Postby ClayCCC » 01 Jul 2015 12:10

Just as a head up; for a few weeks I have been taking a Silene Capensis tincture aka African Dream Root. The past few weeks I've had vivid dreams everyday and every other day I was lucid in them. Now, I just recently awoke from a very vivid and intense dream that I believe has much meaning to it. I; however, was not lucid in it.

The Dream:
It first began as a kayaking trip with family members. Everyone and I were all happy. The water was clear, running, but calm as well. I saw a high mountain in the distance, which later turned out to be our destination. Upon arriving, water began to rise. Everyone rushed inside the mountain into a cave system where we puzzled our way to the outside more or so 3/4 of the way to the top of the mountain. At this point my family got ahead of me as I hugged the side of the mountain as I ascended. Upon seeing my family I see them just before the very top of the mountain where there is hot spring water. Everyone is having fun, but I am filled with anxiety and fear as I crawl my way to them thinking about what to do next. The hot springs than shoot out water and it hits me. I become calm and relieved. Realizing that everyone is having fun I too put on a smile and join them.
Later, the sky turned to night and the rising water stopped. I look down at the water and it appears to be clear. I feel relieved and turn around where I see children (cousins and unknown faces to be exact). They are all playing near the hot springs of water with strange stones. Curiously I join them. These stones were reflecting beautiful colors off of a light that was emitting from the under the water. I was so amazed and felt at peace ( this was also the most vivid part).
The sun began to rise (this is where my point of view changes). I now see in a third person perspective watching a dark enemy figure at the very top of the mountain. He laughs and destroys a rock wall that is holding clear and serene water at the very top. Water rushes out and he uses some watch thing on his wrist that teleports him. (My view point returns me to where I was in the dream). My family becomes scared as the water begins to rise once again, but I am not. I am filled with intense emotions and begin to take charge of the situation. I help my family to very top where it is flat and has many dead trees. We all make it, but upon reaching the top I look at the dead trees, and they appear to be on catching on fire. The fire slowly takes a form into a red light reading 5:01 where I then wake up. I look at my clock and it reads in digital red numbers 5:01.

So, what are your interpretations of this crazy dream?

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