Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis

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Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis

Postby jim_danos » 03 Jul 2015 11:35

Hello everyone, I just learned about lucid dreaming and I am excited ! However, I learned about sleep paralysis too, and I certainly dont want to live this experience. I just want to ask if sleep paralysis can happen while lucid dreaming or it is possible to happen olny if I try the ''Wake induced lucid dream'' technique (WILD). I will be very glad if someone can answer my question and sorry if I have done any mistakes as English is not my native language.

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Re: Lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis

Postby astrovineyard » 09 Jul 2015 15:47

Sleep paralysis CAN happen while attempting to LD (but it can also happen for no reason to other people). Not all sleep paralysis episodes are terrifying, and even the ones that are you can transform into positive experiences, including lucid dreams. So I wouldn't worry about that.

I mean, I USED to get sleep paralysis as a child, and I am willing to risk getting it again on my journey to lucid dreaming. However in my case, no matter what I try - meditation or other techniques, including supplements - has the unfortunate side effect of keeping me AWAKE for hours, or even insomnia for many days, when I try "too much." I have no idea how to get around this road block so I can return to focused attempts to LD.

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