Was i lucid dreaming? Help please

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Was i lucid dreaming? Help please

Postby LU3K » 06 Jul 2015 00:29

Hey guys so last night i had like 5 different dreams i can remember slightly but the one that confused me wether i was semi lucid or even just a little bit was that it pretty much started off boring as a normal dream but it got to when i was going to lay in my bed and there was a mannequin in the bed and i was just laying there thinking to myself I'm lucid dreaming I'm going to change the mannequin into a girl it felt real but, i couldn't control anything and i was too distracted trying to change the mannequin into a girl i didn't do any reality checks to see if i was dreaming so i wasn't really sure if i was dreaming that i was lucid dreaming or i actually was lucid dreaming but it was not very vivid because i didn't check to see if it was a dream?

Yes i know i'm an idiot for trying to make a mannequin a girl and didn't care about reality checks the thoughts of sex took over ahahah. What a pity. :cry:

Can someone tell me what i experienced?
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Re: Was i lucid dreaming? Help please

Postby Summerlander » 06 Jul 2015 02:36

I think you experienced a low level of lucidity where your desires took over and you lost sight of your situation. It is good to perform RC's but you must also be sure to quicken your surroundings. Sex, by the way, could be one of your goals in an action plan for lucid dreaming. Remember that lucidity fluctuates and therefore it is a state that requires maintenance. Also, the lucid-dream self doesn't always think clearly. That's because it is not the waking self, but rather, a model of self that closely resembles it. Memory can also fail us just as much as in waking life. Alan Worsely clearly pointed out that in lucid dreams we can still exhibit unconventional modes of thinking not unlike those of ordinary dreaming:


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