New Technique: KILD

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New Technique: KILD

Postby schniiti » 06 Jul 2015 18:34

(Hopefully, there isn't a similar technique. I discovered it for myself)

KILD - Keyword Induced Lucid Dream

  • Become fully present multiple times per day. Just let your thoughts pass like clouds without getting entangled in them and perceive your surrounding with all your senses. Also, perform a reality check after that!
  • Link the sudden awareness with a keyword (e.g. “wake up”). It now serves as a kind of command. Just say it in your mind but also react to it when you hear someone else mention the keyword. ("wake up" - presence - reality check)
  • The keyword will randomly pop up into your mind more and more often until it becomes a habit (and the following “thought gap” will increase, too).

→ In a dream the keyword will either randomly come into your mind or even a dream character will say it because it’s so deeply rooted in your subconscious.

Keep a dream journal to improve dream recall (obviously) (and dream signs can also trigger the keyword!),
Meditate to make it easier to be present in dreams. Otherwise you’ll quickly loose yourself in the dream and lucidity vanishes.

Another useful “tool”is to make strong emotions (happiness, sadness, anger) trigger the keyword (which in turn triggers presence and possibly lucidity).

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