I liked this one. May post more later.

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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I liked this one. May post more later.

Postby Indoril Nerevar » 06 Jul 2015 19:47

This is a direct copy past from my journal, bear with the spaces and wrong para-starts and I do realize after reading it again that some parts look like they're from video games, but that is what I recall so :P

This one I remember as being a cat / or atleast feeling like one. I was scaling walls in some kind of closed white city. EVERYTHING was white except the billboards. Nobody was there in the city just me. I remember having the intention to rob/infiltrate a house. Soon after I saw a two paths, left and right. I took the right one and in the middle was a block of buildings. I climbed a balcony and went to the very end. I saw a door with a panel on it's side. I tried opening the door when I heard this voice from some nearby speakers. The billboards had all gone black with a red cross and some text in white was on them, the voice said," The Dylans are not just some clinky clonky, conservative, godfearing, Christian family. They prepare for everything. They will now kill you/capture you! RUUUUN! MWAHAHAHAHAH!." I saw this flash of memory from somewhere that told me that I had to go down some flights of stairs and through a door with orange lighting beside it. I saw a timer overhead like a HUD that started from five minutes and then kept decreasing I hurried to the nearest fire emergency exit and I found a staircase. I rushed down it and opened some door. I remember security being after me. They did have guns. I went through some door and saw a parking floor, a huge one. I remember two guards catching up with me. This whole area was like the one in the Assassin's Creed video game where the dude escapes into the parking lot with the girl but just with two guards and just me. They both had guns but one hesitated to pull it out and I karate kicked him unconscious, took his gun and shot the second while covering myself with the first guard's body. The second guard shot the first guard and I escaped, gun in hand. The gun had a silencer. I saw a big brown Audi like car and saw three guards beside it trying to shoot me. I shot the first guard because he was close, I aimed at the second one on my right and everything went in slow motion and I capped him square between the eyes and then some shots to the body. I then escaped with the third one on my tail. I don't recall killing him. I saw a big Cage with a golden puzzle key on it's notch. I twisted the key and the cage opened. Inside the cage was this hut with a red door like the one you see in Fable video games or Snow White. I took the key and I saw a USE KEY text under my FoV like on the HUD ,opened the red hut with that key and it opened. I looked back for a second and I was now in this hut with an old gypsy like lady staring at me. I remember being shot by the third guard beside the Audi. The gypsy healed it with magic and then took me outside the hut. We stared at the Moon at the night sky with the wind and the swaying glowing grass on the ground. I saw myself in third person this time and the old gypsy asked me," Why do we stare at the moon?" I got this weird feeling of the dream ending again and it did. NL
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