I feel like i spoke to a real person in my dream

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I feel like i spoke to a real person in my dream

Postby Ballin » 07 Jul 2015 16:31

I have posted this in the Dream Character section as well but i think this place is more appropriate

This may be a rather cliche topic however i believe i have met my dream girl..Okay so maybe not, though something rather bizarre has happened to myself that I would like others opinions and advice on.

So I have half heatedly been in and out of phases of lucid dreaming for around 3 or 4 years now. It all started one night before I had any idea about the topic of lucid dreaming when I met this girl who seemed to know all sorts about the topic. The problem is, is that i met her in a dream.

The dream itself has become fuzzy now as it was around 4 years ago, however the general idea of it is something I will never forget. It started out with myself in just a normal unexciting dream with myself being completely unaware of anything going on. This is until all of a sudden a dream character comes up to me and says something along the lines of "You need to wake up!". I was rather confused to what was meant and then she speaks again "You are dreaming and you need to wake up!" she rubs my hands or something along them lines and made me really focus on what it is that i was doing at that particular instant in time then BAMM! it happened I felt a massive shock and everything became a lot brighter and so much more vivid; i knew i was dreaming and i couldn't believe it.

She continued to speak to me and explain that i was a sleep and that she had came into my dream to find me and help me wake up. After a short amount of time we found ourselves being chased and what felt like my dream or something or rather trying to take her away and separate us. Whatever it was that was trying to separate us ended up prevailing and managed to pull us apart despite our best efforts. It ended up turning into a batshit scary nightmare when all of a sudden she rocks up out of nowhere and takes me to this place where it felt safe. She said we had a while before the would find us and could not stop emphasizing how important it was for me to find her when i woke up i remember her saying to me "I am a real person you have to find me when you wake up". She told me her name but after waking i managed to forget it.

I really felt like i had screwed up really bad by doing so and ended up stumbling on lucid dreaming. I became obsessed with it, I was able to become lucid most nights after months of practice all so i could find and speak to this girl again.

I know it may sound crazy and you may not believe me but that's a general outline of how it occurred. I honestly do believe it was a real person and a person that i am supposed to find. After months of trying and not getting anywhere, it began to drift from my focus as I began to explore other things that that become possible while lucid dreaming and then after a while stopped become lucid all together (Just out of sheer laziness).

I think i may have had another dream involving her recently as i have been giving more and more of my attention to this lately and is the reason i wrote this. Is it possible? am i go cray cray? I just dont know what to do how to find her or what to think. None of my mates really took a interest into LDing so here i am asking you peeps. Any ideas's or suggestions? would be awesome!!!

Thanks a lot guys and gals
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Re: I feel like i spoke to a real person in my dream

Postby meaningofdreams » 10 Jul 2015 05:14

Honestly, I do not believe there is such a thing as someone visiting your dreams. However, I can understand the indescribable feeling that you may feel after a dream that seems meaningful and amazing for you. I have this feeling frequently. The person is real, for sure: it is you. Is part of you, is a creation of your amazing mind. You don't need to look for the person, because is you!

It is not absurd to start lucid dreaming without knowing about it first, that is how I started: http://themeaningofmydreams.net/lucid-dreamers-taking-control-of-your-dreams/

It may be possible that something triggered you to realize you're dreaming, maybe a thought you had, or a movie you watched while awake, that were deposit into your memory. It not necessarily happened in the very same day that you had your first lucid dream. Are you sure you did not watch a movie such as Inception before having this dream? It is also possible that it just happened. For no specific reason. I don't know for sure what triggers my lucid dreams, or exactly how they started, and I don't use any techniques. It just happens. Don't loose your mind trying to find a reason for everything.

You are probably not crazy, just really impressed by an amazing feeling of an experience you had in a dream. Next time you dream with this girl, ask her who she is. Maybe she was made up by your mind to actually represent someone real in your life. Maybe you are really in need to have a real friend to share amazing feelings with you, and this creation of your mind can actually help yourself.
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Re: I feel like i spoke to a real person in my dream

Postby Louise » 12 Jul 2015 16:32

Dear Ballin,

I believe that YOU and only YOU can know for sure the meaning of your dream.

The message appears to me to be that this girl is telling you to wake up. Is it possible that this girl is telling you to become awake in real life?

See http://in5d.com/the-universe-is-dreaming-itself-awake/ for more information.

May you by happy!

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Re: I feel like i spoke to a real person in my dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Aug 2015 12:16

Is it possible? am i go cray cray? I just dont know what to do how to find her or what to think

I personally believe it is possible. There are people out there who can do things (eg get in others dreams at will) that most other people cant. (I've known a few people with some astounding abilities over the years). She could be one of your soul mates but also gifted enough to come and start appearing in your dreams.

That being said though, its far more likely this dream was symbolism for something and she was probably representing a part of yourself which was trying to encourage you to "be more awake" eg learn more about things and become more aware.
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