Lucid dreaming and sleep position

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Lucid dreaming and sleep position

Postby berggg » 10 Jul 2015 12:09

I never fall asleep on my back. It's almost impossible for me. I also seldom wake up sleeping on my back. At least I think so. But I'm not quite sure since I don't realize that I'm awake after having been awake for a little while.

BUT, when I have a lucid dream and wake up I always realize when and how I wake up and I'm able to lay completely still while waking up. And I always wake up on my back after a lucid dream (which I have only once or twice a month). It seems to me that it doesn't matter how much I "work" on having a lucid dream (reality checks and all that) while awake. My lucid dreams comes when I least expect them, and often at periods where I've "given up" lucid dreaming for a while. It seems that the only thing that matters is whether I sleep on my back or not.

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Re: Lucid dreaming and sleep position

Postby Peter » 13 Jul 2015 21:37

normal for a rebound when you relax and let it come through and for me sleep position does not matter at all, I can get lucid in any position and sitting in chairs so its not a big issue other than being able to relax and switch off
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Re: Lucid dreaming and sleep position

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Aug 2015 18:07

You lucid dream on your back as it isn't your normal sleep position so when you end up doing that, part of you is going "something is wrong here?" "what's going on?" "this isn't normal" .. and it causes you to become slightly bit consciously aware, more observant and hence then lucid.

Maybe try to go to sleep on back when very tired, if you cant usually try to go to sleep on back for a WILD.
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