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Postby Marlonbarca » 11 Jul 2015 18:25

When I try the Wild method of going to sleep regularly and waking up 4-6 hours later, while I try to lay there and stay conscious or meditate, I always fall asleep. I just want to have a lucid dream already. I've never had one before.

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Re: Meditation

Postby Summerlander » 14 Jul 2015 13:30

Take a look at this link for the induction of lucid dreams:

And this one which includes how meditation helps:

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Re: Meditation

Postby jasmine2 » 15 Jul 2015 00:18

I've read that Thomas Edison used the twilight state at the borderline of sleep to provide him with many ideas regarding his inventions. He would sit in a chair, and as he allowed himself to become drowsy, he held some coins, while his hand was positioned over a metal bowl. At the moment he started to fall asleep, the coins would rattle into the bowl and wake him up. But he often remembered some interesting image or idea that had spontaneously floated up into consciousness during the twilight state of awareness.

This technique is not very practical when you're in bed, especially if the rattling coins would disturb someone else. However, here is a variation I sometimes try, with occasional success.

When lying in bed, place a pillow or 2 beside you, slanted like a hill. Bend with your elbow somewhat and position your lower arm and hand on the sloping surface of the pillow, so that your arm feels moderately relaxed. However, at the moment you start falling asleep, your lower arm will slide down the side of the pillow and partially awaken you while you're in a dreamy state.

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