My second Lucid Dream

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My second Lucid Dream

Postby Louise » 12 Jul 2015 16:11

I'm here on this lucid dream web page because I had my second lucid dream, and that was totally by coincidence. I'm 54 years old and never had a lucid dream before until recently. A few months ago I had my first lucid dream. Last night I had my second lucid dream. I jumped on the computer this morning and started searching about lucid dreams. I'm glad I found this web site.

When I had my first lucid dream I just thought it was a fluke. I recall thinking, now that I'm aware that I'm dreaming, maybe I can talk to the dear ones that have passed away. I wanted to see my brother and my grand father. I was at the house where we grew up and searching for them. I saw people there that I did not recognize. They seemed friendly. I did not see my loved ones and I woke up. I remember thinking that I woke up because communicating with the dead was not allowed, for our own good. I remember thinking that had I known I would have tried something else in my dream to continue this wonderful experience.

Last night I had a second lucid dream. This time, everything in the dream felt so real. What made me aware that I was dreaming was that I was driving home and did not recognize the road I was on. There were plastic 20 foot tall dinosaurs on the side of the road. I told Catherine: "I don't recognize this road, am I dreaming?". She said yes. I pinched my cheek. It didn't hurt. I stopped the car. We got out of the car. I thought if I'm dreaming I can do anything I want. I decided to change clothes. Slowly but surely the clothes changed. I was now wearing blue jeans and a blue sweater. It started to rain. I thought I'd like to stop the rain but that's a tall order. Let me try. I stopped the rain. It was night and the rain stopped and the sky became clear very gradually. We started to see the beautiful stars in a beautiful night sky.

Then I was splashed with water in my face. I thought, well, water twice in a row. I'm wondering if this is a sign the body that is sleeping is getting wet and is in distress. Maybe I should go check. I went to check, and that woke me up. I was sleeping very comfortably with no cause for alarm. I tried to get back in the lucid dream to no avail.

I did not try to have a lucid dream it just happened, and I'm very glad it did. As I'm reading this website, I noticed that one thing I started to do recently is to practice trying to meditate 20 min per day and trying to focus on living in the present moment. Feeling the inner body as thought by Eckart Tolle. I think that is what helped trigger the lucid dream.

Thanks for reading my experience as a beginner lucid dreamer.

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