Just had an "almost/quasi" lucid dream!

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Just had an "almost/quasi" lucid dream!

Postby astrovineyard » 15 Jul 2015 13:53

I just had this experience, right after I inadvertently had a WBTB session, and ironically posted comment on this site saying how WBTB doesn't work for me! I even ate a banana, thinking I was going to have breakfast and was a little hungry. I had planned to get up and do outside work today but it was storming and the forecast looked gloomy as well, so since it was early I got back into bed. Tried sleeping on my back awhile - nothing, except the very START of a dream where I was going down stairs and jolted myself awake when one of my feet and hands twitched. Then my stomach - still nothing, so about an hour later I eventually slipped into a dream without realizing it.

The first part I remember centered around food preparation with family. I forget what I was making but was hoping an old relative would enjoy it, but it was getting dark and she might have to go. I remember my mother looking out the window and commenting on the moon saying something like "the moon is bright and full of stars" (which sounds a lot like a variation on Game of Thrones tThe night is dark and full of terrors." (I had also looked at some of the new photos of Pluto before I went to bed, which might explain the moon bit.)

Then a vague scene at the dinner table eating. I forget the conversation but there were chicken breasts which I thought were dry, and a piece of fish to the left of it I was also nibbling on. I'm not sure but I think I remember getting very full. Wait - now recalling bits of conversation where I am moving chunks of food around in gravy to moisten them a bit. Someone mentioned that since I was having a hard time getting a job I should be a COUNSELOR! I pointed out I wasn't qualified, but they disagreed, and I said something like I couldn't prescribe medication or anything like that. I mentioned that fall work would be coming up soon and there was some new thing I had to do but I couldn't remember and my sister said "oh dear."

We retired to a living room were my parents, a distant cousin who is on Facebook, and some older guy were sitting down on different couches watching TV - I forget what. Wait.... I think it was South Park or some similar outrageous cartoon. I can't remember what it was about - though I do remember going to bed a night or two earlier having last seen an episode where Butters is having wet dreams.

Anyway, this guy mentions someone by name - again, I forget the name - but think it is a girl and heard them say she had a PhD or something and for some reason I became VERY interested. At first I thought he was referring to the old woman across the street from my parents who had died recently, but I realized it was someone closer in the neighborhood.

Okay - now you had to bear with me, so here is where is gets interesting and quasi-"lucid."

I have a remote or some device and start entering numbers (95?) and some letters, asking questions to the room like what is her address, thinking I am typing it into a GPS or google maps (which I also have done recently). Two annoying things happen: I look at the TV screen and only the 95 is showing, and the cursor has moved but is showing none of the other characters I typed, so I am hitting backspace to start over. I'm also asking the people in the room for more information, but they are silent. At first I think someone snickered a comment to the effect "oh, he thinks he's found someone he likes" but then everyone in the room is SILENT. Not just silent but seeming to willfully ignore me. I keep asking for "what address, what street?" etc. but they are just sitting around unresponsive to me!

So I get mad and make an announcement that if nobody is going to help me then I'm just going to leave (look for her myself?), and that I've had a bit to drink (which wasn't true). All quite dramatic. But as soon as I stood up I WAS woozy, unbalanced as if really drunk (more drunk than I ever remember being) and made my way to the front door. (At this point I realize the small detail that I am wearing faded jeans with ripped knees, uncharacteristic of me, especially to be a guest for dinner.)

After I make it out the front door, wondering if I am being foolish for leaving everyone suddenly, I walk down a sidewalk to the road, where a large tree is to the left. (I have no idea where this really is.) But this "walk" now consists not of drunken stumbling but instead of large gravity-defying strides, almost like I am doing a moon walk (not Michael Jackson's type), but how the astronauts are depicted on the moon but sped up a bit, in huge leaps that I am on the verge of not really controlling. By the time I got to the road.......

.....I woke up!

JUST when it got interesting! And I didn't seem able to fall asleep again after that.


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