Dream Journaling Question

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Dream Journaling Question

Postby ShatterRainbows » 16 Jul 2015 04:51

Hi, everyone! I just have a simple question. I'm wanting to start lucid dreaming, and I'm reading a book called 'Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming' and it suggests that before I move on to trying to induce lucid dreaming, I should have excellent dream recall (at least remembering one dream a night) and I should have about a dozen dreams in my journal before continuing. I have a weird habit of waking up several times every morning, about an hour or two apart about three times. Every single time I fall back asleep, I have a different dream, but it's short.

Now, here's my question. Should I make an entire new page for each dream, and count them separately (today morning I had 4), or make it all one dream and count them all as one.
Also, if anyone has any tips to help me recall dreams better besides using a DJ and doing reality checks (in which I can use tips with, too!), please help me out! c:

Thank you!!

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Re: Dream Journaling Question

Postby JewelryBonney » 17 Jul 2015 00:18


I have heard that thinking of a mantra like "I will remember my dreams" before you go to sleep should help your dream recall a bit. In my Dream Journal I skip a line after each dream and continue from there, it probaly gets a bit confusing if you make it all into one dream, and it gets easier to give each one a title!

As for Reality Checks I personally like checking my hands and pushing my fingers through one hand, its a efficient combination and you're always going to have them with you! :D
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Re: Dream Journaling Question

Postby jasmine2 » 17 Jul 2015 00:59

If I keep a dream journal fairly consistently, this really does help my dream recall.

At first I may just remember random fragments of dreams. Then after several weeks, I remember more dreams. They are often longer and more detailed, and I can more easily associate meanings with many many of the images.

I may include 2 or more dreams on the same journal page. I sometimes leave more space between dreams if I want to add comments later. I try to give each dream a title, related to some significant action, character, environment, symbol, or emotion in the dream.

Patricia Garfield, in her book, "Creative Dreaming" (and other books) says that she has kept dream journals for years. At the end of each journal, she keeps an index of the dream titles and the main symbols. This makes it easier to look back and see patterns of similarity and change in dreams, over the years. She also frequently made sketches or paintings of dream symbols or characters.

As I'm waking up, I try to repeat to myself highlights from any dreams I remember. Then I quickly scribble down a brief dream summary, and maybe a doodle sketch of a dream image. I have to be careful to not let too many dream notes accumulate before I transcribe them more neatly to my dream journal. In the journal, I do the sketches in pencil. If I dream of any especially interesting, unusual, or emotional image, I may make a separate, more detailed color drawing. The unconscious mind seems to really be attracted to color.

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