Had My First Lucid Dream Today

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Had My First Lucid Dream Today

Postby rushfreak01 » 20 Jul 2015 04:53

So I only got about four hours of sleep last night before having to get up and drive a couple of friends to the airport in NYC. It was about three hours of driving round trip, and as you can imagine I was tired. I went back to sleep when I got home, and that is the last thing I remember before IT happened.

I was dreaming that I was actually waking up in my bedroom. That may sound confusing, but I was literally (and I guess symbolically) waking up in my dream. As I looked around "my room", I noticed a few things were out of place. The TV was on the wrong wall, and for some reason there was a cot in the room which isn't normally there. At that point, I actually said to myself in the dream, "OMG... I'm dreaming".

I walked out of my room and for some reason ended up at work. I was in full control at this point. I didn't want to waste the amazing feeling at work, so I started to head for the exit. As I got near the hallway, a guy who I work with (who I can't stand) approached me and without getting vulgar, I told him to go have intercourse with himself. It felt so amazing.

I headed down the hallway toward the cafeteria where there is an exit to get outside (in real life). The cafeteria looked different than it does in real life, but I still recognized it somehow. This is where I get a little off color.

In the cafeteria, I saw a woman who I didn't recognize from real life, but she was attractive nonetheless. I made what is apparently an amateur lucid mistake and immediately started trying to mess around with her. She reciprocated, but before things got to crazy I started to lose control of the dream. Realizing I was losing control of it, I actually made the conscious decision to wake up and all of a sudden my eyes opened. I actually said out loud in bed, "That was freaking amazing!"

I fell back asleep and had a couple more short ones but I don't recall them as well. I hope so bad that I have another one tonight. I hope to have more stories to post on here. Any advice for repeating this life changing experience would be appreciated.


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