Experts explore when the dark side of lucid dreaming...

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Experts explore when the dark side of lucid dreaming...

Postby neergdl224 » 28 Jul 2015 16:38

The home invasion was the worst.

Night after night, Casey heard doors slam, saw guns thrust in his face and felt his heart thump in his chest. He’d wake up, feel the relief of reality spread over his body. Then, he’d wake up again.

For Casey, waking wasn’t really waking at all. It was a dream of waking, a struggle to surface as his semiconscious fears tried to pull him further into a nightmare. By the time he awoke — actually awoke — he couldn’t trust his own senses. So he remained in bed, scanning his room for clues that could anchor him to reality, his anxiety flourishing.

“I would wake to the idea that something was wrong. That something was encroaching upon me, just as I felt within my dreams,” he says. “After waking up so many times, with your final wake-up you're still not entirely certain you're awake. This time feels different, and you're pretty sure. But you were pretty sure all the other times, too.”

Casey, a twenty-three-year-old college student and restaurant manager, has been a lucid dreamer for several years. But his experience is the opposite of the proselytizing lucid dreamers who are able to induce and control their dreamscapes with ease. Instead of flying, Casey cowered in bed; instead of asking existential questions, he pondered whether his waking life was affected. Colors seemed off, he says, and the feeling of some kind of creeping threat would linger.

A greater number of people are experimenting with lucid dreaming to heighten their consciousness, unlock new creative potential or find ways to cheat the system. For some, the practice of spelunking into the deeper regions of the subconscious is deeply enlightening. For others, there may be reasons not to uncover what’s normally kept in the dark.

Read the full article, here:

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Re: Experts explore when the dark side of lucid dreaming...

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Aug 2015 06:51

Its the false awakening issues.

I know myself it's severely disturbing and can really impact on ones physical life if one gets too much false awakening. I get severely unsettled if it happens to me more then 5 times in a row, it then causes one to mistrust reality when one finally does wake up as one is left not knowing if one really is.. or will it be another FA? Fortunately I've only had that very badly once in which things actually got to that point (I then spent half a day really awake but not sure, it was as if I was waiting for it to turn out to be another FA as I suspected it could be).
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Re: Experts explore when the dark side of lucid dreaming...

Postby neergdl224 » 01 Sep 2015 14:36

That's exactly what we're trying to explore, Tania. We actually caught up with a few people who induce sleep paralysis for fun and the experiences they shared were shocking, if not disturbing, to know that a series of these experiences can cause one to mistrust reality so severely.

You can read that feature, here:

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Re: Experts explore when the dark side of lucid dreaming...

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Jun 2017 00:20

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