Fear in lucid dream

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Fear in lucid dream

Postby dreamer28 » 28 Jul 2015 18:11

Hi! I just joined this board hoping for some guidance with my lucid dreams.

I have a reoccurring lucid dream in which I wake up in my room. For some reason, I instinctively check my phone or Ipod( I use to have one), and I try to check the time. When the screen doesn't come on, I know I am dreaming. A few other times I would look out the window to see if my car was there, if it wasn't I knew I was dreaming. Anyways, I sleep with my door closed and in my lucid dreams my door is closed. I can't seem to over come my fear and open the door. I have approached the door in several of these dreams, but I never open it. I become intensely afraid, and go back to my bed to sleep, so that I may wake up in real life. I have had maybe over ten of these times of lucid dreams, and I really would like to face my fears, but I don't know how. Any advice?



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Re: Fear in lucid dream

Postby flashman » 03 Aug 2015 16:27

I just joined today :) but i have lucid dreams for 3-4 years. Maybe you can try this:
I had a lucid dream where I was scared of a big creature that followed me. I was sure i was dreaming and i controled some of it, but i couldn't make that creature dissapear. So one night i was realising that i dream and i saw that creature again and i thought "I'm dreaming, it can't harm me" and i stood in place and looked at it. It came very fast toward me, looked like it wanted to kill me but when i haven't move or run it just stopped in front of me doing nothing. The fear was overcome and when i tried to touch it it dissapeared.
So if you are sure you dream, you can control most of things there, so just open that door with the thought "i can't be harmed in a dream".
hope will help :)
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Re: Fear in lucid dream

Postby Ghost Haven » 04 Aug 2015 05:09

My first lucid dream I got really scared I was going to accidentally turn it into a nightmare. Then it got all shadowy and a door slowly opened. I was terrified a demon or something would come through, but it was just a teacher. Then the whole dream snapped back into a bright happy state. I took this as my subconscious telling me to lighten up. Whenever I get afraid of stupid stuff (often) I think about that dream. Your mind doesn't want to scare you. Just trust it.

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Re: Fear in lucid dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Aug 2015 03:15

I really would like to face my fears, but I don't know how. Any advice?

I suggest to practice daily visualisation of you actually opening that door until you are not scared of doing it.
eg just shut your eyes, relax and a place you aren't going to be disturbed and then think about opening the door without fear, try as hard as you can to imagine you doing this in first person eg image reaching out, the feel of the door handle in your hand, what its like to turn the handle, what it's like to step back opening that door. Practicing 5 mins a day of thinking of opening that door without fear should have you end up being able to do it in your dream.
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