I Know I'm Dreaming-Or Do I?

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I Know I'm Dreaming-Or Do I?

Postby emmaisnthere » 30 Jul 2015 19:17

My name is Emma. I am new to this forum and have been lucid dreaming for about half a year now. In this half of a year, I have had two "successful" lucid dreams, any many, many, semi-lucid dreams. Semi-lucid dreams is what I use to describe what happens when I know I'm in a lucid dream, but don't seem to care that much, as if I can't control my own actions. Here is a semi-lucid dream I had last night:
I was in the front room of my childhood house, seeing my mother in the kitchen, baking. I walked to the living room to see her sleeping on the couch. I was baffled at how she could be in two places at once, and sat on the couch to do a reality check. I looked at my hands to see that they were disproportionate. I'm dreaming! The first thing I did was rub my hands together. It felt odd, as if there was something in between my hands, but there wasn't. I told my mom in the kitchen we were in a dream and we should explore, so she followed me outside, the only thing is, I, as myself, didn't really want to go outside. When we got outside we saw cars and lots of semi trucks rushing by, but I could see each driver staring at us as they drove. My mother asked all sorts of questions about lucid dreaming. Why do they look familiar but unfamiliar? I answered all of her questions from things I learned from this site. We oddly got on a bus. Again, I seemed to be not in control. I even reminded the people on the bus to rub their hands together to keep the dream alive. There was a fat woman sitting next to me, and to test out my lucid dreaming controls, I made her skinnier. She became skinnier. But the whole thing is, I never made the decision to make her skinnier-my dream self did. The dream was not very vivid, but I have very good dream recall ability. The dream went on and on like this until I seemed to forget I was in a dream entirely. Then I woke up. I use the WILD method through meditation, rather than waking up I the middle of the night, I meditate myself into one. This works the best for me, and always has. Can anyone help me stop these semi-lucid dreams?!

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Re: I Know I'm Dreaming-Or Do I?

Postby GalMutzafy » 01 Aug 2015 08:49

Hey Emma :)

From my experience if those semi lucids happen quite a lot, it's a good sign for FULL lucid dreams to come.
I also had dreams that I looked at my hands and realized I was dreaming, I did some stuff like going to a club or trying to fly, but as I woke up I didn't really remember myself THINKING CLEARLY about ''Ok let's try to fly'' and stuff, I just did that, like a robot with a target, you know what I mean?

So my point is semi lucids happen all the time, it's not something bad at all, I even take it as something good, because for me it's a good sign that you are getting closer and closer and the more you get it the more chances you will have to get full controled lucid dreams.
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