Hello All

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Hello All

Postby dream_alive » 31 Jul 2015 01:07

I'm new to this site I just had to find a place where I can get this stuff out. I lucid dream and while I'm dreaming I meet people that I think are diseased but they don't seem to know. When I look at them they walk to me and want to touch my shoulder and it feels creepy and when I touch them it feels like flesh and it makes me question weather or not I stopped breathing because I have sleep apnea.

I had just pulled up to work about 30min ago. I decided to get a power nap in. I leaned my seat back and soon as I closed my eyes its as if I saw right through my eye lids. I opened my door and got out the car and then I realized that I was dreaming. I saw a kid with dreadlocks walking with a back pack. Once he saw that I was looking at him he started walking toward me with a smile on his face. I got frightened and he stopped. Then I told myself its just a dream and he began to walk toward me. He reached with his right hand and touched my shoulder and I swear it was real. I could feel his hand on my shoulder. And I was thinking did I just die. I tried to speak but couldn't really speak through my mouth. Its almost as if he could here my thoughts and understood me. I woke up breathing very hard trying to catch my breath. Now I'm here thinking about how life is different from all I was taught in the church and all I read in the Bible. So real I know I'm not crazy. Thanks for Reading. D.A.

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