DC show up for years eventhough not everyday

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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DC show up for years eventhough not everyday

Postby abbey13 » 01 Aug 2015 10:51

When I was 12 years old, I have this vivid nightmare where someone chasing me, then I saw a white horse, I jump and rode the horse, at first this horse tried to make me fall, then I said "please help me, someone is chasing me" then the horse flies, and he took me to my friend's house. I enter my friend's house and I saw through the window, the white horse changed into a man. A man who has pale face, black hair and wearing a tuxedo. Then my friend turn to be evil :lol: , I ran again and he took my hand and we flies so high then we land on a strange place like a forest, we walk then there's a waterfall and inside the waterfall there's a cave which has a secret door. He said that "it's the gate to my world, it's safe there" so i enter it. It's so wonderful, like a fairy tale world. And he took me to his house. It's all white, like a small castle. He introduce me to his father, then he went somewhere. His father seems to be dislike me but he is still friendly to me and offer me a tea and some biscuits. So I drank the tea and eat the biscuit, then he came again and looked shock saw me eating and he grab my hand and talked to me outside his house "are you crazy, why you eat the food?!" then i asked him "why? is there any problem" and he said "Once you eat the food in this world, you will be connected to this world and it's not a good thing because you don't belongs here" then I woke up. He never answer me when I asked his name, until when I was 14 he told me, his name is Keanan.

when I was having a nightmare, he always there. Took my hand and help me through it. It's became a habit, we became very close I even know dark secret on his family, he has crazy sister who is being locked up on his house, his father hides her because of he was ashamed. I saw her once, she has long curly blonde hair and creepy eyes, I saw her when she was escape and try to set the house on fire. For the first time I saw Keanan has worry expression, he never show it before, he always being calm. When I was 15 years old, he said "I have to teach you how to fly, just in case I can't help you" and I said "what do you mean?" He just said "It's good for self defense, why not" So he taught me, it's not easy, first trial I can only fly for 2 meter and it's heavy then woke up. But everytime I try to sleep again he show up and continued my course. Then I can fly, eventhough still lack of control, he said "Just imagine that you have a wing, and be confident. But you already good, have some practices and it will be perfect". Several days after that, he introduce me to a woman. Her name is Regina. He called her Rere. I don't know why I don't like her, jealousy maybe? :? He said he will marry her because it's his father's wish. I feel so sad, but I still help him, I even help Rere to choose the wedding dress. Then I woke up. Whenever I sleep I never have a dream attend the wedding though. But he's gone! He never show up again. Even after I call his name which is usually work up. So I suffer again on vivid nightmare and sleep paralysis, even sleep paralysis is becoming worse, after I woke up sometimes pull me again to sleep paralysis state. Then I remember flying course, it helps me through some nightmare. Until I met someone new. He said he knows Keanan, and help me. But he is different from Keanan, he's tough, he has long hair, casual style, talkative, all the opposite of Keanan. When I ask him about Keanan, he hates it. He said "You should forget him, and don't talk about him in front of me". His name is Maximillian, other DCs call him Max so i called him Max too. So I've been with him until now. I'm 19 years old now. He's more possesive than Keanan, seems hate other DCs who tried to close to me.

The crazy thing about Max is that, he even show up to my friend's dream! I don't know if it's possible or it's just my friend imagination because of feeling guilty. So I have a problem with one of my friend, I cried a river because of her :lol: I ever told her about Max before, then she called me and said. " I'm sorry I was wrong but you're not fair, why you send your friend to my dream?" I said "what? I never send anything, I don't even know how..." then she told me that she rarely has a dream but then she has a weird dream where there's a man yelled at her "You know that you're guilty right?! Why did you do that to her, why?!" and then the man took her hand and bite it. She told me the man is really similar to my story and tell me the description, what shock me is that she knows the detail of him which I don't tell her. She said that when I told her about Max she didn't believe me but because of that she believed it and felt afraid. How come she can dream about Max?

P.S: I'm sorry I'm not a native speaker of English so my English grammar probably really messy.

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Re: DC show up for years eventhough not everyday

Postby Guitar48300 » 05 Aug 2015 06:45

I enjoyed reading this. Sounds like you have a great friendship with your DCs :mrgreen:
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Re: DC show up for years eventhough not everyday

Postby dreamerinmiami » 25 Sep 2015 06:33

I really like your story. Its amazing. Do you still see Max or Keanan?

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