Book - Beyond Words: What Animals Think And Feel

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Book - Beyond Words: What Animals Think And Feel

Postby jasmine2 » 05 Aug 2015 02:37

I recommend this very interesting book -
"Beyond Words: What Animals Think And Feel" by Carl Safina

The author's main emphasis is on elephants, wolves, and whales, However, he also discusses related ideas concerning humans and a variety of other animals.

You can actually read quite a bit of this book at "Amazon" - books or "Google Books" for free.

Some Excerpts -
Amazon - (book title) - click - Look inside - First pages -

Pg. 7-8 - "Finally I saw that the very land itself had risen ... the land walked as multitudes, their strides so utterly of the earth that they seemed the source of the very dust ..." -- "... their heads like warriors' shields. Their great breaths gushing in and out. Resonant in the halls of their lungs. The skin as they moved, wrinkled with time and wear, batiked with the walk of ages, as if they lived with the creased maps of the lives they'd traveled ..." -- "Their rumbles rolled through the air like distant thunder, vibrating through the undulating ground and the roots of trees, rallying families and friends from hills and rivers, sending among themselves greetings and recognitions and news of where they had been ..."

Pg. 44 - Read description of baby elephants learning to use their trunks

At Google Books -
Search books (title) - Click "About this book" - "More >>"
(To gain access to more pages beyond the preview) -
Search inside (enter in search window) - "rumbles, roars, syntax"

Some excerpts

Pg. 82 - 83 "Dr. Poole discusses elephant rumbles - "Greeting-rumbles or bonding-rumbles in particular, show an extreme range in the frequency contours of calls. They may be flat, slightly arched, highly arched, bimodal, skewed left or right."

Pg. 86 - African elephants have on particular alarm that appears to be their word for "Bees!"

Pg. 89 - Discussion of syntax

Pg. 95 - An extraordinary communication encounter between and elephant an whale on the South African seashore

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Re: Book - Beyond Words: What Animals Think And Feel

Postby seanEE » 08 Aug 2015 15:22

the fact that people thing animals don't feel or think is ludicrous. bet you never saw this before, proof that dogs can develop mental health problems as well. :lol:
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Re: Book - Beyond Words: What Animals Think And Feel

Postby Summerlander » 27 Sep 2015 10:32

This book is not proof of anything. Also, behaviourism—as an argument for consciousness—is fallacious. There are dreamless forms of sleepwalking where the sleeper performs complex tasks while in Delta—no consciousness involved; all instinct.

A stick insect can avoid a predator among twigs but it does so unaware of what's going on and why. It did not pick its shape as its natural chamouflage is the product of evolution—natural selection meant that creatures that tended to blend in more with their background environment survived and overtime this camouflage was naturally perfected.

Besides, the only way to know for sure what it is like to be a wolf, a whale, or a chimp is to be them. Furthermore, most animals fail the 'mirror test' which determines self-awareness. Apart from humans, I think only some gorillas, chimps, and bonobos manage to pass it.

Carl Safina cannot possibly know what animals think or feel. I wonder if he thinks his mobile phone—a device which allows him to network and communicate with servers worldwide—is conscious. :-D

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