Weird Sleep Paralysis!

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Weird Sleep Paralysis!

Postby LU3K » 05 Aug 2015 04:22

So last night i was in a dream in my bed i think,my eyes were forced shut, but i managed to open them slightly but then they got stuck again and i couldn't move my body i thought i was in sleep paralysis and i wasn't scared at all because of the research i've done on it, anyways i started like... rolling over slowly until i fell off the bed and rolled over on the ground and then it stopped? and then my eyes opened where i was looking at my room and a bunch of stuff was broken and then i thought i was having a dream about being in sleep paralysis it was confusing, i didn't end up doing a reality check because i was too busy being confused on the sleep paralysis but im not sure if i had sleep paralysis or i just had a very realistic dream about sleep paralysis, because i woke up after it in my bed still and everything was fine... it was annoying because i wanted to try turn sleep paralysis into a lucid dream but i didn't know how during it. Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense, i'm struggling to explain what it was like.
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Re: Weird Sleep Paralysis!

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Aug 2015 03:07

Very very likely you were in sleep paralyses and felt this. Our bodies always paralyse (unless the person is a sleep walker) before going into LD or astral projection states whether the person is aware of it or not.

You did like a common astral projection body separation method here, tried rolling over once paralyses was present. (Summersaulting is another way astral projectors commonly do the body separation). With AP/OBE its quite normal not to be able to see or feel the eyes shut until one gets away from the actual physical body (in your case once on the floor).

It's not uncommon for first timers to feel dazed or confused about it esp when doing first OBE (though some are confused when doing first LDs too).

rolling over slowly until i fell off the bed and rolled over on the ground and then it stopped? and then my eyes opened where i was looking at my room and a bunch of stuff was broken

Now was your experience an OBE or an LD.. well I don't know but it could of been a combination of both or one or the other.

Now IF you weren't in fact having a LD and if it was a OBE/AP, this would mean there is a reason why everything was broken in your room, it would of been astrally created by someone or something in the astral plane there (obviously short term as the strength of the way your house normally is would quickly take over and the normal astral image would be based on that).

The time I had weird stuff astrally in my house which I knew wasn't there in real life (so ended up very confused at the time as it didnt feel like a dream but an AP but then was thinking why was there dream stuff there which shouldn't of been?). On investigation later when I woke up, it turned out to be created astral images from a dreamer (my daughter) in the house that same night.. On asking her to share her dreams, I found out dreamed that night she was opening presents and having a party in the room I'd astrally seen wrapping paper and opened presents over the floor in.

So when I got astral, I was seeing her astral images created by her thoughts which would of influenced the astral plane of our home for only a short time (the energy which formed these images probably would of completely dissolved within hours in the astral world ).

So next time something like that happens, try find out if maybe you were seeing real images in the astral plane, ask others in the house to share with your their dreams around the time while you were having that experience or just before it and you may of well found that someone actually dreamed things in your house and your room were astrally broken during their dream.
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