Important Read Thanks!

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Important Read Thanks!

Postby MzPri3 » 05 Aug 2015 20:44

Hi everyone,

Not sure who "everyone" is exactly but if you are taking the time to read this then I want to take the time to quickly introduce myself to you.

My name is Priscilla or you can refer to me as MzPri3 ;) . I am 26 years old married no kids of my own but I do have two step sons (14/10 y/o). My husband (29 y/o) is not a U.S citizen and was given voluntary departure in 2008 after living in U.S for over 20 years. All because he wasn't born here so now he lives in mexico and we have just completed our 6 year marriage anniversary (Aug.3). I served in the military(U.S. Army, 4yrs, never deployed), being in the military was one of the best decisions of my life. I already came from a military family and all in all had a comfortable and decent upbringing. I just finished by BSB/BSE degrees and am moving on next to my MBA. While still working on bringing my husband back to the states, I work and go to school. I spend most of my free time working out, traveling, going to events, and spending time with my family, and puppies.

I was actually told by my family and friends and just recently my float therapy specialist to look up a forum and just start blogging about my dream sitch so this is why I am here.

***Float Therapy:
An isolation tank is a light less, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. They were first used by John C. Lilly in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Such tanks are now also used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine.

Since I have serious episodes of Lucid dreaming and just really intense super vivid/detailed dreams, my sleep status is all types of confusing. I remember all dreams to a T and I able to even sometimes control them or recall on dreams from long ago. On top of all of the craziness inside my dreams, I do find myself constantly exhausted because in some ways my real/dream lives I am never truly resting. It would be too much for me to maintain a dream journal and since my dreams are like movies it is way to much info to just jot down.

Does any one dream like this? Is this even okay?

I don't know why I am writing this but maybe someone who reads my post will be interested in a discussion or to give me advice or any type of feedback/input really...Thanks! - MzPri3 XOXO

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Re: Important Read Thanks!

Postby jasmine2 » 11 Aug 2015 03:12

Priscilla - MzPri3

Welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are having a problem with intense dreams, which interfere with your sleep.

Perhaps it would help if you imagine talking to "the awareness behind the dreaming". Ask "It" to help you with this problem in some way.

I suggest that you may get some ideas by reading parts of this article -
- "The Two-Part Film Technique: Empowering Dissociative Clients To Alter Cognitive Distortions And Maladaptive Behaviors" - - by Sarah Y. Krakauer

The goal in using these techniques of imagination is to lean to communicate, while awake, with the innate, deep wisdom of the unconscious, the "Inner Helper".

The client uses self hypnosis to enter a meditative, "dreaming-awake" state. Then the therapist encourages the client to visualize an internal movie screen, or a conference room with a computer screen. Also, there is a remote control to start, stop, fast-forward, and re-wind the film. And there's a dial to decrease or increase emotions and sensations experienced while viewing the film.

This technique is used to help the client work gradually with troublesome memories and also to create a vision of hope for the future.

Scroll down to page 42 - "The TPF (Two-Part Film) Technique: Purpose and Procedure"

I also suggest that you could, from time to time, make a quick of sketch some interesting, energetic, or puzzling character, symbol, object or scene in a dream. Perhaps color it a bit with colored pencils. This can sometimes help to "ground" some energies and emotions in dreams.

Also, web search articles by Barry Krakow, M.D. about the treatment of sleep problems.

Best wishes - jasmine2

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