i know I'm dreaming but no control.

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i know I'm dreaming but no control.

Postby dermoc1ty » 05 Aug 2015 22:15

i learned about lucid dreaming a few years back and tried it for a little while with no real success. but for the last while now in my dreams there sometimes comes a point when i know I'm in a dream, unfortunately i have no real control over the dream and kind of go into autopilot. Has anybody else experienced this? also if anybody has any recommendations for books that help with learning how to lucid dream send them my thanks :D

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Re: i know I'm dreaming but no control.

Postby GalMutzafy » 08 Aug 2015 11:04

I think it happens when we aren't lucid enough to really control yourself or the dream envierment.

I learned some techniques that increase your lucidity such as:

1. Rubbing your hands (personally it succeed for me).
2. Touching your dream envirment.
3. Shout ''Clarity now'' or ''become clear!'' or whatever, the point is to set your intention in your mind to clear the dream and make it more real.
4. spin around.

I recommend the rubbing hands the most because as I said it succeeded for me and it's easier to do.
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