My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 10


34) 30th November, 1973.
Early morning dream : Diamond was seated on a stage with a packed up auditorium . He had been explaining Sri Sri Ramkrishna Kathamrita book (Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna).
The dream then went off.

[The dream indicates that in future ‘Religion and Realisation’ (Yogic explanation of Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna) will spread all over the world . Here auditorium is the symbol of the world.]


35) 14th December , 1973 .
Early morning dream: Diamond had come to my house passing time with me I was feeling extremely happy. At night I saw that a big cot was covered with a white cloth and kept ready for both of us .We were having a continuous conversation. Once it appeared in my mind to ask one question which frequently used to appear in waking condition that just like a dream Diamond should give me accompaniment in waking life also and whenever any opportunity would come, I should ask it in my dream .So to-day that opportunity came. But surprisingly whenever I was going to ask this question, it appeared to me. Oh! Where was the difference between dream and waking condition! This dream seemed to me same as waking condition! So why should I ask him such silly question? At this moment the dream went off.

[This is a realization of the merging condition of dream and reality which will be permanent within the seer in future life. This realization has reference in Upanishads.]


36) 27th January, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was seated somewhere . Suddenly my body began to shake severely and I lost my control over my body. Then within a moment my body became still. After sometime when I came to a sense, I realized that my life force moved upwards to the cerebrum with immense force, putting me to Samadhi condition (Profound meditation merged in God).

But instantly it came in my mind that Diamond discarded Samadhi and all on a sudden the names of ‘Jibankrishna’ (Diamond’s name) and ‘God’ used to be recited from my mouth . Gradually I became normal and thought, ‘when Diamond discarded Samadhi, so why should I accept Samadhi? There are numerous phases beyond Samadhi. Then I woke up.

[This dream will have its effect on the seer in the long run when he will have innumerable realizations above Samadhi stage.

Sri Ramkrishna also said to Swami Vivekananda (Naren), ‘Naren, cross the region of Samadhi’.]


37) March, 1974.
Early morning dream: I saw Diamond standing in-front of me. He was looking very bright saying to me, ‘I shall appear before you after the monsoon. Then the dream was off.
[The meaning is not clear.]


38) 16th April, 1974.
Early morning dream: I had gone to Diamond. He was telling me to sit down and read Gospel of Sri Ramkrishna. I noticed that another devotee Arun Ghosh also was seated there beside Diamond. Diamond was patting on his back and I continued reading Gospel. Then the dream was off.

[ The meaning reveals thus :
(a) The blessings of God-the-Preceptor are showered on Arun Ghosh and the effect is observed soon after this dream when he will have a number of remarkable realizations through dreams .
(b) During different phases of austerity the seer can see the conditions of other devotees and these are called the bubbles of Brahmagyan .
Ref : Dharma-O-Anubhuti 758—Endless bubbles of Brahmagyan—sportive forms of Ascent (Agam). (Vide dream no 5.)]

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