Flying problem?

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Flying problem?

Postby Nocturnal » 10 Jun 2011 16:30

So I had my Fifth (yay!) LD last night, and I tried to fly. First, I hopped a bit, then jumped higher and higher, but could not fly. Suddenly, I jumped, and I was stuck to the ceiling (I was indoors, unfortunately), as if gravity was reversed. Then, in a few seconds, I slammed against the ground, as if gravity was reversed again back to normal. What happened here?

Also, how can you escape your location, for instance, I was 'stuck' inside. I did not try to escape as being new to LDing, I immediately tried to fly (after stabilizing myself, of course)

Any thoughts?

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Re: Flying problem?

Postby Shade » 10 Jun 2011 18:55

They're dreams, there ment to be weird. I had a similar problem once where i suddenly couldnt move very well and so every time i ld'ed i 'expected' to find it hard to move. I thinkit was just a blip and it shouldnt happen again :)

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Re: Flying problem?

Postby Seto_Blade » 10 Jun 2011 20:04

Also, how can you escape your location, for instance, I was 'stuck' inside. I did not try to escape as being new to LDing, I immediately tried to fly (after stabilizing myself, of course)

A very effective method for changing your location is closing your eyes and spinning in a circle while asserting the intention to change locales, whether it be a specific location in your mind's eye or a spontaneous, unknown environment change. When you open your eyes your location should be a different one.

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Re: Flying problem?

Postby Peter » 10 Jun 2011 22:58

I had a spontanious entry into a LD last night, just became aware without a trigger. it was also one the longest dreams I have had. I suspect a good 40 minutes plus. As soon as I became aware I thought ok I will confirm this and I drifted up to the ceiling, the people I was talking to waited with a tolerent look on their faces and I was happy that It was a dream and returned to the floor and carried on talking to then.

I decided to go out of the building or to the next floor and do it by going through the roof and drifted up but kept banging my head on the ceiling. I was thinking that this is annoying as I am flying so I am dreaming, I know when I am in a dream I can go into solid objects and through anything as i have done this many times. I was thinking maybe I am hitting my hand (body in bed) on a wall in my sleep and that is why it feels solid but decided this it is a dream and I can and will go through the wall. It nice to get assertive and not allow emotions to increase and get pinged out of the dream but it has taken a while to get there. Anyway I thought about it and poked my finger in the ceiling, then both hands and ripped a hole in the celing and entered and make my way through and into the next room above.
Short answer is you cant always do what you know you can do and the enviorment is challanging but that is also the fun of it.
The most confusing times are when you are trying to get lucid because you think that you are in a dream and a dream charactor will talk you out of it. thats really annoying

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