Failed WILD attempts

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Failed WILD attempts

Postby jonny568 » 09 Aug 2015 16:02

I`ve been trying WILD for 10 consecutive days with no success. In the beginning I was thrilled to embrace this experience and the effort to have Lucid Dreams, but know I`m starting to get tired. It`s just so frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night and lay down on bed for 2 hours with no effect..... I can`t barely get to hypnagogic stage, and my muscles start to hurt. I`m no giving up LD, I just want to try other methods. I know that WILD is considered one of the best ways to induce LD, but it is recommended for experienced dreamers. So, what other great methods do you guys suggest? Thanks.

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Re: Failed WILD attempts

Postby taniaaust1 » 10 Aug 2015 09:17

I know that WILD is considered one of the best ways to induce LD, but it is recommended for experienced dreamers.

If you go into a LD method with the thought in mind that its for experienced dreamers, you are helping to set yourself up for failure before you even start. Its best for anyone if thinking a method is hard (or for experienced), to instead do another method. Don't forgot that dreaming is working with the subconsciousness so what you think about things becomes very important.

"Some" beginners do in fact find WILD easier then other methods (this may or may not turn out to be the case for you as you currently don't know how hard or easy other LDs methods are going to be for yourself yet). With all the LD methods it just depends on the individual what will work best for them (this is the case for all aspects of things in LD be it certain reality checks or whatever) and you wont know how a method works for you unless you try them.

I would never recommend someone lay there for 2hrs trying to WILD (that sounds horrible instead of being in a nice state and comfortable), if you are laying there that long and not going to sleep or into a WILD, you are trying too hard or not doing it at a time when you could get to sleep. Remember for a LD, you need to go into a sleep state.

WILD can take some experimentation to work out how to do it for each person as there is so many different ways to do a WILD (I suspect you have only been trying one way eg just laying there and hoping to find yourself in a LD. Just doing that isn't always the best).

Begginers I think more so often find WILD hard as they haven't read much on it and don't understand there are many ways to do this and don't understand things which can help trigger one off so aren't doing as much as many successfully doing it do. Other beginners which have researched more on this, may find it easier to do, while a few lucky ones are natural at it and take to it like birds to the sky.

I don't think you've read much on it seeing you laid there uncomfortable for 2 hrs (very common beginners mistake), if you speak to people doing WILD I think you would find we don't tend to lay there for 2hrs.. that would drive me insane and hinder any attempt of mine to WILD as I'd be annoyed). Unfortunately the info on WILD is all over the place so its not easy to learn all the different ways people WILD.

Be aware too that any LD method you use "may" (depending on person) take more then 10 days. I usually tell people to try a method for 3 weeks before trying to do something different or tweaking what they are doing,if it hasn't worked for them. (3 weeks should be enough for someone to help program their mind in what they want to do with a method as long as they can remain positive about it, if it is going to be a good method for them. It can take time to learn to relax when doing something new).

Anyway, if you don't want to work on WILD for LD (it really may not just be your thing, try things you are drawn to and ways you feel excited about).. for non WILD LDs you need to be doing stuff to spontaneously trigger off a LD while you are sleep.

1/ Keeping a dream journal

2/ Doing regular reality checks (good checks are important or you may be less successful so make sure you find out if what you are doing there is likely to work well. Also reality check to your dream sign).

3/ Thinking of LD often.. reading peoples stories on it, learning about it etc etc Get your mind on it so you hopefully will think of it while asleep.

4/ Practicing awareness exercises (so you hopefully will be more aware in your dreams too).

best luck. Be prepared to be patient, if a method fails try to find out why that may be failing for you, it may be still a good method for you but rather may be a case of you not doing it wrong in some way. With good methods suitable for you, you may have a LD within 21 days (I think Rebecca says most do) but be aware it also could take a lot longer.
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Re: Failed WILD attempts

Postby jonny568 » 12 Aug 2015 01:06

Masterpiece feedback. Thanks a lot!

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