Dreaming about a lucid dream?

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Dreaming about a lucid dream?

Postby angelo9980 » 10 Aug 2015 16:44

Hi guys, my name is Angelo and i had a very weird lucid experience last night.
I've been very busy with lucid dreaming lately and my dreams are getting more vivid each day.
This night i fell asleep while doing some LD techniques and i dreamt about going to a resort with my friends.
At some part of my dream i went to bed and fell asleep and i started getting a lucid dream in my own dream.
I knew that i was having a lucid dream in my own dream, so why didn't my lucid dream in a dream turn into a real lucid dream? :shock:
(Sorry, English isn't my first language.)

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Re: Dreaming about a lucid dream?

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Aug 2015 09:54

Dreaming about lucid dreaming isn't unusual for beginners trying to LD. It's a good sign you are on the right track with things and progressing. It may turn out though that you need to add in something else to your LD program if this happens again without you gaining awareness. (Your dream did not turn into a LD as you still were lacking awareness in the dream)

Check out the 15 pointer post I've done for beginners for more ideas on how to start having LDs, there's some things on that which should help you to gain awareness in dreams
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