Can't LD, check out my 15 point checklist

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Can't LD, check out my 15 point checklist

Postby taniaaust1 » 12 Aug 2015 08:44

Having trouble getting a LD?, check out my 15 point check list
For quicker or best success, you should be able to give a yes to everything on this list.

Dream journal

1. Are you keeping a dream journal and recording "some one" in it whenever you wake up even if you don't remember your dream?. (just record how you feel emotionally when you awake if you cant remember a thing, put something in it each morning).

Reality Checks

2a/ Are you doing reality checks regularly eg daily?

b/ Are you doing more then one reality check?

c/ Are the reality checks you use commonly used ones which haven't failed on you?

d/ Is one of the reality checks tied in with a dream sign?

e/ Do you always do a reality check if someone weird happens in your life?

Increasing Awareness

3/ Are you working at trying to be more aware during the day? (to help you become more aware of strange things in your dreams eg whenever you enter a room or person, really study this and look out for weirdness. Learn to ask yourself "Is this normal? Anything strange here?")

Mental Programming

4/ Are you doing some reading about LD or peoples LD experiences most days?
Are you reading about LD before bed? even 15 mins of reading about it before bed can be helpful to trigger off a LD (if being on computer before bed affects sleep, borrow some books from library on LD).

6/ Do you ask your subconsciousness to tell you in your dreams that you are asleep? (good time to do this is right before you go to sleep).

Other things

7/ Are you using a different position then you usually sleep in to help signal that you just dont want to go into your usual unaware sleep? (laying on back is common for LD as most people dont normal sleep like this. Exception - If you are trying to nap/WILD at a time you dont usually sleep, it may be better then to use your normal sleep position).

8/ Are you trying WBTB or giving this a good go while doing everything else suggested? WBTB though should be avoided in anyone who has sleep issues eg insomnia and in children (children do their growing while asleep so its best not to mess with it!!)
(if you don't know what WBTB what this stands for it means you haven't done enough reading on LD yet!)

9/ Are you being patient enough? eg giving whatever method you are trialing a good go of about several weeks eg 21 days ..before trying a completely new method (its no good trialing a method for just a few days and then being convinced that method wont ever work for you :cry: ).

10 / Are you being positive about your ability to LD even if it may take a bit of time? (if you don't believe you can do this your subconsciousness which is important in dreaming may never help you to achieve it eg failed reality checks due to disbelief you could ever be LD is just one example of this)

For those doing WILD

11/ Is your body comfortable enough to be able to go to sleep within an hour? (you may need cushions under knees etc if this isnt the case. I find one of those pillows with a big neck hump to support under neck useful for on back laying).

12/ Did you do some progressive body relaxation to physically relax first if aiming for a WILD? Is your physical body getting relaxed enough?

13/ Is your mind relaxing enough? (some forms of meditation can be helpful if it isnt). You mind needs to be allowed to drift into like daydreams which can often start off a LD but able to be pulled back in. (Trying to hard or holding on mentally too tight can stop mental relaxation and hence dreaming.. so consider if that could be an issue).

14/ Did you reality check after a failed WILD attempt before giving up? (You could be laying in bed "dreaming" you are still trying to WILD.. reality check to make sure this isnt the case before you choose to give up and sleep. The WILD transition into a dream can be so smooth it may not even be noticed).

15/ Once you seem to be in the right state (physically, mentally) for a WILD or an OBE (you may be getting hypnagogia images and sensations) but still seem to be in your physical body, did you try to go anywhere? (If no, see point 9, you may of transitioned into a dream but missed you had entered a dream state *

* When I come out of a WILD, sometimes its just a case of me just opening my eyes as my brain is already awake and I don't get sleep paralyses etc when coming out from a WILD. So it can like just opening my eyes and getting back up with no awareness I had actually physically been asleep (if not for the fact I'd been doing things in my LD. Maybe LD also can take place in meditation states? and not always sleep states?).

Transitioning in and out of dreams may be very easily missed when trying WILD (as you will often dream whatever you are thinking of and you are in bed, thinking of trying to that can easily become the actual quite realistic, often undistinguishable from real life dream).
(I may add more important hints to this post at a later date).
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