My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My Divine Dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 11


39) June, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was looking at the sky. Suddenly a huge image of Jesus Christ up to bust appeared in the sky covering its major portion. It was so living and wonderful! Then the image disappeared, and the scene was off.

In the next scene I saw that on the top of a hill there was a plateau and Jesus Christ was seated on an open place. I had some conversations with him. In the mean time I saw that Arun Ghosh along with some other devotees of Diamond had gathered there surrounding Jesus. They were listening to His teachings with rapt attention.

After sometime, with great curiosity I asked Arun Ghosh . ‘What a strange thing! How did we come to Jesus Christ’? He said, ‘From era to era we use to come with ‘these prophets’. At this moment the dream went off.

[The dream is self-explanatory. During advancement of austerity these previous births are seen, though it can be explained like this in microcosm: The whole universe including past, present and future is within Atman or great soul. Atman is within the human body. So the whole universe is within the human brain. At any time this past or future may reveal in a pure and divine body. Another strange thing happened recently that I saw in a website a photograph of ‘BEATTITUDE’- A hill-top where Jesus gave his sermons to his disciples. And with a great surprise I noticed that the same scene I saw in my dream so long ago establishing the fact that the whole universe is within our brain.]


40) 7th July, 1974.
Early morning dream: A huge building with a large room was visible. There was another room inside that large room. Suddenly I saw that Diamond was entering that room. He wore a Punjabi and bowed to somebody with folded hands. I also bowed to him with folded hands. Diamond was clean shaved. He came to me putting off his Punjabi. I noticed that he was looking very strong. He then sat in front of me.
I said to him, ‘see, during my boyhood I used to come to you frequently. Then twelve years had passed and I completely forgot you. One day I saw in a dream that I went out for searching the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ 2nd and 3rd part and went to my friend Nisith’s house, although I did not know that these two parts had already been published’. With a great astonishment Diamond was hearing my narration.

Then I continued, “then I went to you at Kadamtala and you said, see, you will write Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ 2nd and 3rd part”. After hearing this he expressed his great surprise and told other devotees, ‘see, how strange is it’! How strange’!

Thereafter he gave me some papers with some writings on these and said, ‘write all these fairly’. I start writing with a pen but noticed that some writings were not clearly understood, I asked Diamond about these hazy writings and continued writing after hearing his corrections . The dream went off.

[The dream has a reference in the book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ No 969 – In the devotee’s body God-the-Preceptor shows his sportive forms and the seer observes it.

The dream has several meanings:
1) In future all the writings about Diamond will be fairly performed by the power of God;

2) ‘Paper’ means body; ‘Writing’ means realizations and sportive forms, hazy writings are hazy realizations which will be corrected by God-the-Preceptor.

Ref: ‘Dharma-o-Anubhuti’ No 938 – ‘The sportive forms which will happen are already described’. Here it is described in the seer’s body’.

3) In dream the seer narrated the real facts happened in his life and dream seen on, 1972 (dream no 5) indicating the expansion of the seer’s brain capacity.]

[After a while, the dream came true when the seer had to take charge of the publication of the magazine on Diamond and continued for long years.
For next 35 years this came true in the life of the seer with innumerable realizations.]


41) 14th July, 1974.
Early morning dream: I was having a deep conversation about God with some devotees of Diamond. After a while when I came out on the road I met Diamond . When he heard about my frequent meeting with the devotees, he said to me, ‘See, this is very good. Continue such meeting as this will create a permanent effect of your realizations within you. After saying these words, he disappeared.
In the next scene I saw that along with many devotees I was passing time discussing about spiritual aspects in one our devotee’s house and thus the whole night was spent. The dream then went off.
The dream reveals thus: God-the-Preceptor is giving power to the seer to spend his whole life with such spiritual practices and as a result all his realizations through dreams will produce permanent effect on him.]


42) After the previous dream a peculiar incident happened. Almost every night I used to see in my dreams different devotees either in a group or single and having spiritual discussions most of the time.

[These dreams signify in both ways:

1) Attraction and fellowship grow up in both sides and thus sense of oneness is subject to grow within us.

2) Seeing so many persons at a time in dream increases the brain power of the seer.]


43) August, 1974.
Afternoon dream: One devotee Arun Ghosh was seen to sing , ‘Worship Jiban Krishna, recite Jibankrishna etc’, while listening, the dream went off.
[Regular spiritual practice through dreams increases the spiritual power of the seer.]


44) The same night I dreamt that I was spending the whole night with devotees.

[ Seeing devotees so frequently in dreams increases the brain power of the devotee . ]


45) September, 1974 .
A realization in waking condition: For 4 to 5 days, a peculiar of bliss had been passing through my mind. Some tines I used to feel that I was merged into a fog of bliss with soothing light falling into the ocean of divine joy.

[This realization indicates the gradual development of the seer in spiritualism.]

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