trouble with scenery/characters?

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trouble with scenery/characters?

Postby crileymac » 19 Aug 2015 21:22

Hi, I began trying to have lucid dream about a year ago. I never really stuck with it throughout the whole time but I've had at least 7 or 8, and the last few nights I've been having a lot of them. I've read a lot on how to do certain things. Back when I had my first LD, I woke up right away because of excitement. Now I can keep myself calm when I realize I'm dreaming, and most of the time I can create dream characters. I still haven't been able to make the scenery change though. I have tried closing my eyes and imagining, and spinning but I always wake up. I can't ever make a door appear, and I think it's because everything going on in the dream is so crazy. Last night, I couldn't make a certain person appear. And sometimes when I make someone appear, it looks nothing like them. sorry this is so jumbled up. My problems are:
1) changing dream scenery
2) creating dream characters (sometimes)
3) making the characters look like they do in real life

thanks! :D

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Re: trouble with scenery/characters?

Postby taniaaust1 » 20 Aug 2015 08:42

Seeing spinning wakes you up, obviously in your case you need to stay connected with the setting to hold yourself in the dream (so take care that shutting your eyes in the dream doesn't go and wake you up too as that too could be a risk to having a LD drop out).

I can't ever make a door appear, and I think it's because everything going on in the dream is so crazy.

I suggest to try to use an existing closed door in your dream to change scenery eg approach the door of a building, house or whatever structure you are in, while holding the strong thought that on the other side of that door will be another place or world. Or you could try to enter a mirror with the thought of another world on other side.

You don't have to even imagine what that other place is at all as you could choose to allow your subconsciousness to entirely create a different place for you.

I suggest not to worry if your characters aren't exactly how you wanted them as after all this is dreaming and your subconsciousness changes things, even if you do create one perfectly how you want to appear, the moment you take your attention off of that DC, it is likely to morph a bit back into how your subconsciousness wants it.

Your subconsciousness has its own thoughts on every person you know in real life and hence may make them different some. It's like staring at ones hand while reality checking, in dreams the hand is quite likely to be strange due to your subconsciousness putting its own projections out too.

It would no longer be a dream if one was able to control everything in it. LD is a mix of subconsciousness projections with conscious ones.
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