Spinning and purposeful wake ups

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Harry Potter
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Spinning and purposeful wake ups

Postby Harry Potter » 21 Aug 2015 20:03

Last night I had my second lucid dream. Similar to my first, I had the same problem of becoming convinced something bad was happening in real life due to a lack of lucidity. I tried to wake myself up, but couldn't do it. As a desperate wake up attempt, I tried spinning. Spinning in the dream without spinning in real life ended up making me very nauseous, even after I woke up for real.
Has this happened to anyone else?

Also, does anyone know a good way to wake themselves up from a LD?

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Re: Spinning and purposeful wake ups

Postby taniaaust1 » 29 Aug 2015 19:23

Harry Potter wrote:

Also, does anyone know a good way to wake themselves up from a LD?

Other then just telling oneself one is going to wake up and trying to do so (that rarely fails for me), I don't know of a good way to wake up. Any forced waking up from a LD state before one is really ready to wake up, puts one at risk of having a false awakening.
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Re: Spinning and purposeful wake ups

Postby peppe7 » 10 Sep 2015 18:50

I had a few lucid dreams and i have read somewhere that you can wake up from a dream by focusing your eyes for a longer time to a point that is close to you. For example you lift your finger in front of your eyes and you focus on the tip of your finger you will wake up. But if for some wierd reason don't have arms in you dream, you can always focus on the tip of your nose.

When you focus your eyes in a dream you will focus them in real life as well. So when you are in a REM phase and your eyes are moving and you stop that movement you will wake up.

At least that is what i have read. I have tried it as well and it worked for me. And one time i was watching something in my lucid dream for a very long time and i have woken up. I was a little bit angry :)

Hope i have helped. And if i am wrong please correct me!

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