Using nightmare material to induce transformation

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Using nightmare material to induce transformation

Postby Jacob46719 » 24 Aug 2015 02:42

An example would be the following:
Artificially associating webs(persistent or abundant appearance of webs already function as a dream sign) with a physical transformation(TF). My thinking is that if I can "assign" a TF or several possible TF's to a dream element, then I might be able to automatically induce a TF after a predetermined action is done(like touching the webs), even in non-lucids. In theory, this can work with anything; I chose nightmare material because it's much more likely to show up.

Another question.
If a dream element has been nightmare material in the past, but It's not anymore, is there a way to make it scary again? When I was really young, I was scared of the voice trumpets from teletubbies. Way before I knew about LDing, they became the occasional nightmare and dream sign, gradually lessening in frequency as I got older. I wonder if it's possible to make them scary again in dreams?

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