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What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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The Neon-Haired Werewolf Guitarist Guy

Postby Oneironaut22 » 25 Aug 2015 20:50

So I had this dream a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps you've heard me mention said dream in my introduction topic. Anyways, allow me to break it down...

...I find myself on the ground in what I believe is some sort of wasteland. The sky is a very very dark grey, almost like charcoal. The dirt underneath me is a darkish scarlet-blood red with splotches of dirt brown. I assume that I'm in a graveyard because I see sporadically placed tombstones that are a tad bit smaller than tombstones in waking life. This graveyard's in some sort of square-like pit with the center being elevated to ground level. It's about 12 feet or so deep, and there are these wooden planks that stick out of the wall to act as stairs. I decide to start ascending this staircase when all of a sudden these giant ghost-like skull monsters slowly rise from the ground and come towards me with red glowing eyes. I don't assume that anything good would come out of them getting me, so I hasten my ascent. Not a moment goes by until they stop drawing closer to me and start to patrol around the graveyard. As soon as I make it to the top of the stairs, I jump*. I'm now at ground level and looking over the graveyard, which apparently was like an inverse pyramid in the ground kind of thing. The whole graveyard is illuminated by a red glow that emanates from this dead tree in the center of the graveyard. I don't have much time to observe my surroundings before I jump again. Now I'm backstage at a rock concert and I can hear the screaming fans. The music is very catchy and seems to be popular. I look to see the band members but all I see is some black-haired caucasian guy with neon light blue and hot pink stripes in his hair. He seems to be about my age. He's sitting on a wooden stool strumming an acoustic guitar. I guess he noticed my presence because he turned around to look at me and I was shocked to see that it was actually one of my high school crushes! He didn't smile, but his eyes were a bit off a cross between "Oh, it's you..." and "You look like you want to challenge me" and "Hey, it's my good friend!" and "Hey there, baby.". It was quite confusing and once again I only get a few seconds to catch a glimpse of him before I jump again. Now I'm outside and the sky is still dark grey. However, I'm now on a lot with kiwi green lush grass and surrounded by tall cypresses. There's a slightly steep hill ahead and on top of the hill sits a golden-yellow brightly lit house that's structurally unstable for matters of its towering height and hallways that extend far out without any supports. What seems to catch my eye even more is a small pond off to the side with an island in the center and tiny islands that acted like stepping stones to and from the big island. On the island was a great big willow tree and a peach-orange tent that had voices coming from inside. I made my way to the tent and peeked inside to see my crush yet again playing his guitar and a little blonde girl about 5 or 6 years old giggling and wearing one of those 90's Sunday church dresses. She giggled and invited me in for tea. I tried to enter, but for some reason I was a bit too big to fit inside despite the fact that both the girl and my crush appeared to be the same size as me. I told the girl I was too big to fit into the tent, and she handed me a stick of lip balm. Burt's Bee's, to be precise. As soon as I obtained the lip balm, I woke up. I do wish I could revisit that dream again.

I would greatly appreciate any questions or answers or comments you all have for this dream. But first, allow me to put it out that this unfortunately was not a lucid dream.

*=jumping: this is what I refer to when I am instantly teleported to another part of my dream, willingly or unwillingly.

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