How to control or stop lucid dreaming

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How to control or stop lucid dreaming

Postby larsedik » 28 Aug 2015 03:52

I have lucid dreams almost every night, and they are often disturbing to me. Last night my lucid dreaming lasting quite a long time, and during the dream I decided to take a nap because it was too overwhelming to me, and then I became confused about whether what I was dreaming had really happened or whether it was part of a dream. I decided (in the dream) that part of it had happened while I was taking the nap during the dream and that therefore that part was not real, but the rest of it seemed very real. I used to write down dreams like this in a journal, but the descriptions take up five or more pages, and I do not have time for this any more, and so I try to tell people about the dreams, but they generally do not have an attention span long enough to hear the entire dream.
Maybe I should keep a voice recorder next to my bed instead of a journal, as this would take less time than writing.

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Re: How to control or stop lucid dreaming

Postby KristinsDreams » 31 Aug 2015 05:11

I do this too! I dream every time I sleep and the detail that I give is soooooooo long when I retell (which I seldom do anymore). Dream journals are not for me. I'd have to live longer tha I sleep because my dreams include so many details that they seem to take up an entire day. I can't help you control or stop them but I wanted to let you know that I understand! I'll follow this post for tips as well!

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