Studies, data, journals, etc

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Studies, data, journals, etc

Postby Destinydawn14 » 29 Aug 2015 02:59

Hi, my name is Destiny, and I dream every night, of which I usually remember about 5-7 individual dreams which I record each morning. I'm interested in being a guinea pig for research students, and mainly I'm looking for answers to the supernatural world of dreaming. I am an accomplished lucid dreamer, no at will, but very frequently, and I have sort of transcended beyond the normal dreaming and lucid dreaming categories. I like to talk about all things related to dreams, and i'll post a sort of percentage/statistic based paragraph about the frequency that each instance is achieved in my dreams.

Dreams per night: 5-7
Dream control: 90% of all dreams are controlled to some degree.
Semi-lucid dreams per night: 2-4
False awakenings per week: 2-4
Lucid dreams per week: 2-4
Sleep paralysis per month: 2-6 (which essentially turn into lucid dreams.)
Inceptions per month: 1-2
Prophetic dreams per month: 1-2 (dreaming about places that i've never been and then show up there irl.)
Spiritual visitors per month: 3-6 (characters that are NOT of my own creation.)
Nightmares per year: 1-2
Astral projections per year: 5-8

I have no idea why a lot of these things happen. I've read books by LaBerge, Moss, and pretty much all other lucid dream experts. I'm very far beyond the beginning lucid dreamer stage, but not quite yet a master. I'm looking for a mentor in that respect, but i'm open to sharing my techniques and experiences with those willing. Thanks for taking a moment to read this. Hope to communicate with many of you soon!


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