cool lucid dream with guides

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cool lucid dream with guides

Postby attorneydavid » 30 Aug 2015 07:52

I had a really cool lucid dream that made me want to be more concerted about having lucid dreams and doing stuff in them. (Really bad about going I'm dreaming, this is really cool let's go with it)

I was arriving in Charleston WV for some obscure reason and checking into a JW Marriott which wasn't the actual Marriott in Charleston but was downtown.

I go to my room and then leave and walk around downtown. I end up going back to the hotel and through the lobby to an indoor mall connected to the hotel. I start gliding over the mall which was more of a bazaar but very organized and realize I'm dreaming.

I think "oh I'm dreaming. I should go try to meet my spirit guides"

So I head back to the hotel and get into a room in the back of the lobby which is the elevator with no doors. I interact with a girl who's also in the elevator and we flirt but I'm like isn't that your boyfriend out there.

So I get back to the room and I'm like I'm go to meditate and try to have an out of body experience like in the book I just read.

So I lay down and try to relax and then sway my astral body like in the book. So the room starts getting these tv static type lights (I get these in real life when I close my eyes in the dark. In dreams curiously I'll see actual darkness) and finally heavier lights and I try to stay relaxed and then finally blackness
and I wake up and there's a girl in the bed next to me and I briefly think it's the girl in the elevator and she must have split the room with me to save money or something which seems socially odd and I notice on the other side of her bed are some bookshelves.

Then I go to check my phone on the endtable and then look back around and the girl is somewhat curvier then the one in the elevator and is sitting up on the bed shelving books as I slowly rise in the room towards the ceiling.

She says "I love books"

I say "That's nice, but it's a hotel room so isn't shelving them all fairly impractical"

She say " It will all work out" as I go through the top of the room into the bottom of the staircase with a lighted area on the top.

I walk up the staircase into an outdoor bar area and find Alton Brown waiting at the top of the stairs.

We talk some and I ask if I can meet my spirit guides while I'm hear. Alton says something.

I ask how he like where he's from.

He says Bartlet which catches me for a second because he lives somewhere around Atlanta. Then I realize it's not actually Alton Brown but a character taking the shape of AB.

I say shouldn't he know where AB is from if he's impersonating AB.

He gives me a knowing smile and as we are walking and then points to a bar across the grass courtyard where three African American ladies are talking.

I walk over to them and talk the younger ones in front of one middle aged one and say

Hi I'm David Are you my spirit guide?

She looks amused for a second and then nods toward the lady in the center.

I repeat Hi I'm David

She says I'm Jacquelyn and then says
"Your spirit guide?" (somewhat playful and amused by this)
"I guess I could be your spirit guide , but you use me more as a sword against having lost her. (taken to mean my mother who passed away last year). "
I smile somewhat amused because it's so very true and say. "That's very true, but if this is all true then I didn't really lose her."
She looks at me with what seems a guarded approval and then say " You should go that way"

I look and go around the corner of the bar and around back where there's an assortage of what looks like neat little shops down an alley. I go down a staircase and a slightly short high strung artist looking hipster dude appeared in front of me.

I was like
" Hi I'm David Who are you"
"Nice to meet you"
"I'd like to dictate a script to you" (I understood this to mean through automatic writing.)
I thought about ti for a second and then said "Sure, but I'd like to finish my first idea for a script first"
He says "oh" and kind of walks away into a store.

I feel sorry since he looked disappointed and follow. I rationalize on the way that it wouldn't take long to finish a script if some entity was dictating it to me.
The store turns out being a book store with a bunch of magazine which seemed out of place for what I was thinking was some sort of other real.
I say " I didn't think you could get magazines here."
Joshua said " You can get almost whatever you want here"
Then I said "I guess I can go ahead and do your project first."
He shrugs to decline and say " Nah, your a real warmer"
I ask what that means since I wasn't sure.
"Rumor around here is you're a real up and comer." This seemed odd since I hadn't actually finished a script yet then I though about it and figured maybe this area of reality might know things before they happened or somesuch.
"So I guess I should finish the script"
"That would be a good idea"

At that point I thought for a second and thought I should wake up and record everything since it was pretty cool and potentially meaningful.

Once I went up the staircase everything become incredibly vivid and I remember the sensation of a very pleasant warmth which it is extremely unusual for me to feel any temperature in dreams.

Overall one of the more wow factor dreams I've had in awhile. Of course this morning I was dreaming I was a cartoon character in a bicycle factory and woke up to some visiting kids listening to cartoons. (almost went lucid too I remember thinking those kids must be here. )

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Re: cool lucid dream with guides

Postby KristinsDreams » 31 Aug 2015 05:04

Wow! I love all of the recall that you have! This sounds like my dreams (not the scenario but the ability to remember and the changing nature of it while it still remains steady - if that makes sense to you)! I dream almost every time I fall asleep. I know that the study and science of sleep suggests that we only enter dream-state during REM and that it takes 1 1/2 - 3 hours for us to fall into our first round of REM, but I will fall asleep for 15 minutes and wake up remembering all (or many) details of my dreams. Thank you for sharing your dream!!

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