Have been dreaming about a friend in a Coma

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Have been dreaming about a friend in a Coma

Postby mitch12351 » 19 Jun 2012 20:21

Hi. i have had a friend that got in a car crash about 2 weeks ago and he has been in a coma. about a week ago i had a dream i talked to him and i told him aboiut his progress but at that time he was in a pretty deep coma and in the dream he seemed to be in a trance and he would only respond with one word answers and seemed out of it. this was a lucid dream because i realized i was talking to him in person but i knew he was in a coma at the hospital.

Since then he has alot of recovery and is only in a light coma. he can open his eyes and hear people but cannot respond. since that happened i had another dream last night of talking to him again at a party. we were alone in the back sitting on a snowy hill talking about his progress. he said he thinks he died that morning but would not tell me why. i reassured him he was still alright and during the conversation the dream was changing against my own will. the snow was melting and the hill we were sitting on became nice and warm and green. I dont know if this is all in my mind or if it is possible i am meeting with him in our dreams like a shared dream or something. but i want any feed back i can get from you guys.

Is this possible? i just find it curious that he is talking to me more and becoming more responsive and aware in are dreams as he recovers more and more in uniccin. Thanks. Mitch.

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Re: Have been dreaming about a friend in a Coma

Postby Peter » 20 Jun 2012 09:10

I have no idea but its nice to have these dreams so keep at it just in case there is a connection
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