I need help with a dream interpretation.

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I need help with a dream interpretation.

Postby emporroll1 » 01 Sep 2015 01:24

Hello, around 1 year ago, while I was visiting family in Europe, I had a strange, yet invigorating dream one night. Let me explain. I had finished arguing with my aunt about something quite irrelevant. I was tired from long day of traveling, and was prepared to just go to bed. It was around midnight anyways, so I kicked back and went to sleep in one of the guest sleeping areas. While asleep I had one of the most amazing dreams in my entire life... It was absolutely incredible, though i can't remember very much of it now. However I do remember one specific part, near the end, and the feeling it gave me. I was inside some sort of public area, and the rushed underneath a table with a girl. I know this girl in real life, and had never really been fond of her in any particular way, we aren't close friends, nor was I in love with her, or had a crush. I just knew her from school. While I was underneath she was smiling at me...I then realized who it was. Her eyes were beautiful, gleaming and blue. She then told be and I quote: "I cannot wait!" then kissed me on the lips passionately. Afterwords I woke up from the dream with such a burning sensation of love, that I could barely stand. It was not sexual love, it was something else. It was true love, the kind of the love that makes you want to go to the ends of the earth for her, even die for her. I've had such dreams in the past, but this was completely different. It was as if, I had been given notice of something. Even a year from then, I still have a desire for her, a strong passionate desire..and it hurts me emotionally to even think about it. We both just graduated from high school a few months back... She has a boyfriend, 2 years older than her...But this dream...it felt like a vision, not some random imagination. I felt as if it was going to really happen, some time in the future. I can't sleep because of this desire. I've always been alone my entire life, my childhood was filled with loneliness and abuse, and I've never felt like that in real life. It makes me want to kill myself, because some part of me knows I'll never had her, and another thinks i'll be alone forever. I just wanted to know if this has anything spiritual in meaning, or if I'm just an idiot turning my fantasies into reality.
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Re: I need help with a dream interpretation.

Postby seanEE » 01 Sep 2015 15:28

well you still have a long way to go in your life, so who knows what could happen :D ,
i had two dreams like that one both with people a wasn't particularly interested in, one was disturbing, the other was ok, i always find it amazing how much of an emotional impact a dream can have,
those two dreams taught me a lot about love realy, i never thought i could have any feelings for ether person, but i did for quite a while after. it kind of opens up questions like Inception, can you change some ones mind in there sleep,
i wish we lived in a world where you could just say. hey, i had this wierd dream last night, where.............. and was wondering did you have one the same one. :oops: :cry: :o :shock:
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Re: I need help with a dream interpretation.

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Oct 2015 15:27

I've always been alone my entire life, my childhood was filled with loneliness and abuse, and I've never felt like that in real life.

I'd think this dream is probably would I'd call a "desire dream"... a dream which is subconsciously created due to inner longings you have eg the longing not to be alone. Desire dreams arent uncommon (when I was on a very strict diet, I used to dream of eating foods I wish I could eat). Of cause there may be a slight chance there was more to this dream as I believe we can dream the future or dream things which will have meaning for us.
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